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Ship Names List


Class Registry Name StatusUp
Galor Class Trager1 Active
Galor Class Reklar2 Active
Galor Class Kraxon3 Active
Galor Class Aldara4 Active
Galor Class Vetar5 Destroyed6
Galor Class Prakesh7 Destroyed7
Cardassian Freighter8 Groumal8 Destroyed8
Keldon Class Koranak9 Destroyed9


Class Registry Name StatusUp
Istanbul Class10 NCC 3485210 USS Constantinople11 Active
Luna Class NCC-8010512 USS Io12 Active
Argo Class USS Argo13 Active13
Rigel Class USS Rigel Active
Type 6 Shuttle14 Berman14 Active
Danube Class15 NX 7200315 USS Danube15 Active
New Orleans Class10 NCC 6553010 USS Thomas Paine16 Active
Type 7 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/1017 D'Alison17 Active
Excelsior Class10 NCC 1423210 USS Berlin18 Active
Intrepid Class NCC 7470519 USS Bellerophon19 Active
Sovereign Yacht20 Cousteau20 Active
Luna Class NCC-8010312 USS Oberon12 Active
Ambassador Class NCC 2613621 USS Zhukov21 Active
Renaissance Class10 NCC 4523110 USS Hornet22 Active
Galaxy Class23 NCC 7109910 USS Challenger23 Active
Rigel Class10 NCC 6215810 USS Akagi22 Active
Yorkshire Class USS Yorkshire Active
New Orleans Class10 NCC 5729510 USS Rutledge1 Active24
Type 7 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/0125 Sakharov25 Active
Excelsior Class10 NCC 4299510 USS Al-Batani6 Active
Excelsior Class26 NCC 3899710 USS Malinche26 Active
Galaxy Class7 USS Magellan7 Active
Sovereign Class27 NCC 7381127 USS Sovereign27 Active27
Luna Class NCC-8010712 USS Ganymede12 Active
Renaissance Class28 USS Hokkaido28 Active
Nebula Class10 NCC 7180510 USS Endeavour29 Active
New Orleans Class10 NCC 6310210 USS Renegade16 Active
Excelsior Class30 NCC 3409910 USS Livingston30 Active
Excelsior Class10 NCC 4211110 USS Fredrickson31 Active
Shelley Class USS Shelley Active
Luna Class NCC-8011212 USS Galatea12 Active
Ambassador Class NCC 2619832 USS Valdemar32 Active
Renaissance Class10 NCC 4516733 USS Aries13 Active13
Freedom Class USS Freedom Active
Wambundu Class USS Wambundu Active
New Orleans Class USS New Orleans Active
Excelsior Class34 NCC 1442734 USS Lexington34 Active
Excelsior Class35 USS Farragut35 Active
Shelley Class NCC 4561731 USS Curry31 Active
Luna Class NCC-8010412 USS Europa12 Active
Type 15 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/0736 Onizuka36 Active
Defiant Class37 NX 7420538 USS Defiant38 Active
Excelsior Variant 239 NCC 4276810 USS Lakota39 Active
Ambassador Class NCC 2663210 USS Gandhi40 Active
Freedom Class10 NCC 6871110 USS Concorde41 Active
Constellation Class42 NCC 975410 USS Victory42 Active42
Nebula Class10 NCC 6680810 USS Ulysses43 Active
Type 15 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/0944 Ley44 Active
Oberth Class45 NCC 5931846 USS Cochrane45 Active
Delta Flyer47 Delta Flyer47 Active
Andromeda Class NCC-6881432 USS Prokofiev32 Active
Luna Class NCC-8010912 USS Callisto12 Active
Ambassador Class NCC 2651310 USS Exeter48 Active
Sydney Class USS Sydney Active
Nebula Class49 USS T'Kumbra49 Active
Type 15 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/0550 El-Baz50 Active
Andromeda Class10 NCC-7095610 USS Drake51 Active
Excelsior Class52 NCC 4276813 USS Hood52 Active
Luna Class NCC-8010812 USS Amalthea12 Active
Ambassador Class NCC 2651722 USS Excalibur22 Active
Nebula Class53 NCC 7035253 USS Leeds54 Active
Sydney Class55 USS Nash14 Active
Nebula Class22 NCC 7201510 USS Sutherland22 Active
Oberth Class56 NCC 5033110 USS Biko56 Active
Excelsior Class10 NCC 4285710 USS Grissom57 Active
Luna Class NX-8010112 USS Luna12 Active
Merced Class10 NCC 3712410 USS Trieste58 Active
Yeager Class USS Yeager Active
Type 6 Shuttle10 RS-4759 Verne59 Active
Type 6 Shuttle10 NCC 74656/0560 Sacajawea60 Active
Excelsior Class61 NCC 4052110 USS Gorkon61 Active
Prometheus Class62 NX 5965062 USS Prometheus62 Active
Deneva Class10 NCC 620310 USS La Salle63 Active
Ambassador Class NCC 10521 USS Ambassador Active
Mediterranean Class10 NCC 4373010 USS Wyoming64 Active
Trident Class USS Trident Active
Constellation Class NCC 389010 USS Gettysburg65 Active
Surak Class USS Surak Active
Griffin Class USS Griffin Active
Type 6 Shuttle10 Piller14 Active
Danube Class66 NCC 7319610 USS Volga66 Active
Nova Class NCC 7351513 USS Nova13 Active
Type 9 Shuttle10 Dawkins67 Active
Sovereign Class68 NCC 1701-E68 USS Enterprise68 Active13
Excelsior Class69 NCC 1459810 USS Fearless69 Active
Polaris Class USS Polaris Active
Ambassador Class10 NCC 2684970 USS Adelphi70 Active
Steamrunner Class USS Steamrunner Active
Constellation Class NX/NCC 197471 USS Constellation71 Active
Miranda Refit10 NCC 3191010 USS Nautilus72 Active
Surak Class10 NCC 3318410 USS Zapata10 Active
Nebula SWAC73 NCC 6542010 USS Phoenix73 Active
Excelsior Class74 NCC 200071 USS Excelsior74 Active
Olympic Class10 NCC 5892810 USS Pasteur41 Active
Akira Class NCC 6354910 USS Thunderchild10 Active
Korolev Class10 NCC 201471 USS Korolev71 Active
Steamrunner Class10 USS Hiroshima10 Active
Cheyenne Class USS Cheyenne Active
Miranda Refit USS Miranda Active
Galaxy Class7 NCC 7185410 USS Venture7 Active
Nebula Class USS Nebula Active
Type 6 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/0375 Justman75 Active
Danube Class76 NCC 7293610 USS Rubicon76 Active
Norway Class USS Norway Active
Type 8 Shuttle10 NCC 74656/0177 Tereshkova77 Active
Olympic Class USS Olympic Active
Excelsior Class10 NCC 1493410 USS Tecumseh24 Active
Chimera Class10 NCC 5741810 USS Portland9 Active
Akira Class USS Spector78 Active
Korolev Class10 NCC 5962110 USS Goddard79 Active
Steamrunner Class10 NCC 5213610 USS Appalachia10 Active
Galaxy Class10 NCC 7186710 USS Trinculo54 Active
Nebula Class10 NCC 6182610 USS Monitor73 Active
Type 6 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/1580 Goddard80 Active80
Danube Class81 NCC 7245282 USS Rio Grande81 Active
Norway Class10 NCC 6492310 USS Budapest10 Active
Excelsior Class10 NCC 3895510 USS Crockett82 Active
Olympic Class10 NCC 5501210 USS Nobel83 Active
Bradbury Class10 NX 7230710 USS Bradbury84 Active
Akira Class NCC 6329378 USS Rabin78 Active
Springfield Class USS Springfield Active
Luna Class NCC-8010212 USS Titan12 Active
Challenger Class71 NCC-203271 USS Challenger71 Active71
Sequoia Class USS Sequoia Active
Nebula Class10 NCC 6182710 USS Merrimac85 Active
Type 6 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/1541 Galileo41 Active
Niagara Class10 NCC 2847310 USS Wellington58 Active
Excelsior Class61 NCC 5044610 USS Crazy Horse61 Active
Oberth Class86 NCC 1900210 USS Yosemite86 Active87
Excelsior Class17 NCC 254410 USS Repulse17 Active
Akira Class NCC 6249778 USS Akira68 Active
Istanbul Class10 NCC 3852988 USS Sarajevo89 Active
Luna Class NCC-8010612 USS Triton12 Active
Sequoia Class10 NCC 7007310 USS Yellowstone90 Active
Saber Class USS Saber Active
Nebula Class91 NCC 6183210 USS Lexington91 Active
Type 7 Shuttle10 Hawking92 Active
Excelsior Class10 NCC 4228510 USS Charleston93 Active
Intrepid Class6 NCC 746566 USS Voyager6 Active
Challenger Class NCC 5756610 USS Kearsarge94 Active
Excelsior Class95 NCC 1825310 USS Potemkin96 Active
Istanbul Class10 NCC 3852910 USS Havanah97 Active
Luna Class NCC-8011012 USS Rhea12 Active
Centaur Class NCC 4204331 USS Centaur31 Active
Renaissance Class USS Renaissance Active
Galaxy Class72 NCC 7063713 USS Galaxy13 Active
Niagara Class USS Niagara Active
Type 7 Shuttle10 Feynman98 Active
Intrepid Class99 NCC 7460013 USS Intrepid99 Active
Challenger Class NCC 5753710 USS Armstrong10 Active
Excelsior Class10 NCC 1395810 USS Okinawa39 Active
Galaxy Class52 NCC 1701-D52 USS Enterprise52 Destroyed100
Oberth Class101 NCC 53847101 USS Pegasus101 Destroyed101
Excelsior Class81 NCC 6204381 USS Melbourne58 Destroyed102
Nebula Class100 NCC 60591100 USS Farragut100 Destroyed24
Daedalus Class10 NCC 17610 USS Horizon103 Destroyed103
Oberth Class USS Olympia104 Destroyed104
Daedalus Class USS Ganda105 Destroyed105
Ambassador Class NCC 2651081 USS Yamaguchi81 Destroyed
Gage Class NCC 11672 USS Gage Destroyed
Raven Class NAR 32450106 SS Raven106 Destroyed106
Yorkshire Class10 NCC 5492710 USS Denver95 Destroyed95
Daedalus Class107 NCC 173107 USS Essex107 Destroyed107
Type 15 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/03108 Voltaire108 Destroyed108
Defiant Class109 NCC 74210109 USS Valiant109 Destroyed109
Nebula Class10 NCC 6204810 USS Bellerephon10 Destroyed10
Type 15 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/1257 Pike57 Destroyed57
Oberth Class74 NCC 63874 USS Grissom74 Destroyed74
Ambassador Class10 NCC1053210 USS Horatio16 Destroyed16
Freedom Class10 NCC 6872310 USS Firebrand10 Destroyed110
Constitution Class NCC 1017111 USS Constellation111 Destroyed111
Wambundu Class10 NCC 2031610 USS Fleming112 Destroyed112
New Orleans Class10 NCC 6549110 USS Kyushu110 Destroyed110
Luna Class NCC-80111113 USS Charon12 Destroyed113
Miranda Refit10 USS Sitak54 Destroyed54
Wambundu Class10 NCC 2038110 USS Drake114 Destroyed114
Daedalus Class NCC 189 USS Archon Destroyed
Defiant Class37 NX 74205115 USS Defiant115 Destroyed116
Excelsior Class10 NCC 3890710 USS Intrepid117 Destroyed
Miranda Refit10 NCC 3190510 USS ShirKahr72 Destroyed72
Defender Class USS Defender Destroyed
Oberth Class81 NCC 3160010 USS Bonestell10 Destroyed81
Delta Flyer118 Delta Flyer118 Destroyed119
Constellation Class NCC 306910 USS Magellan10 Destroyed
Miranda Refit10 NCC 3191181 USS Saratoga81 Destroyed81
Type 15 Shuttle10 Campbell107 Destroyed107
Danube Class120 NCC 7460210 USS Yukon120 Destroyed121
Type 10 Shuttle15 Chaffee104 Destroyed
Ambassador Class122 NCC 1701-C122 USS Enterprise122 Destroyed122
Sydney Class10 NCC 201080 USS Jenolin80 Destroyed80
Danube Class81 NCC 7245310 USS Yangtzee Kiang81 Destroyed123
Oberth Class124 NAR 1883410 SS Vico124 Destroyed124
Miranda Refit10 NCC 1864125 USS Reliant125 Destroyed125
Nebula Class126 NCC 71201126 USS Prometheus126 Destroyed
Deneva Class10 NCC 623710 USS Arcos96 Destroyed96
Mediterranean Class10 NCC 4383710 USS Lalo127 Destroyed102
Galaxy Class128 NCC 7180710 USS Yamato128 Destroyed128
Type 6 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/15129 Magellan129 Destroyed130
Danube Class131 NCC 73024131 USS Shenandoah131 Destroyed109
Nova Class132 NCC 72381133 USS Equinox132 Destroyed133
Type 9 Shuttle10 Cochrane134 Destroyed135
Danube Class105 USS Gander105 Destroyed105
Excelsior Class72 NCC 4330510 USS Valley Forge72 Destroyed72
Kelvin Class NCC 0514136 USS Kelvin136 Destroyed136
Constitution Class137 NCC 1631138 USS Intrepid137 Destroyed137
Cheyenne Class NCC 7162010 USS Ahwahnee10 Destroyed
Miranda Refit10 NCC 3186054 USS Majestic54 Destroyed54
Type 8 Shuttle10 Drake48 Destroyed
Constitution Refit139 NCC 1701139 USS Enterprise139 Destroyed74
Excelsior Class10 NCC 257310 USS Roosevelt140 Destroyed140
Miranda Refit10 NCC 183710 USS Lantree25 Destroyed25
Galaxy Class141 NCC 7183210 USS Odyssey141 Destroyed141
Saber Class10 NCC 6194710 USS Yeager10 Destroyed
Danube Class142 NCC 7290510 USS Orinoco142 Destroyed143
Type 7 Shuttle10 NCC 67016/0714 Kotoi14 Destroyed110
Springfield Class10 NCC 5730214 USS Chekov14 Destroyed110
Challenger Class10 NCC 5758010 USS Buran110 Destroyed10
Constitution Class138 NCC 1672138 USS Exeter138 Destroyed
Type 6 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/16144 Fermi144 Destroyed144
Danube Class87 NCC 7261710 USS Mekong87 Destroyed9
Niagara Class10 NCC 5980410 USS Princeton10 Destroyed10
Oberth Class145 NCC 5391110 USS Tsiolkovsky145 Destroyed145
Rigel Class10 NCC 6209510 USS Tolstoy110 Destroyed110
Nebula Class10 NCC 6020510 USS Honshu146 Destroyed146
Danube Class81 NCC 7245410 USS Ganges81 Destroyed147
Oberth Class10 NCC 5998310 USS Raman83 Destroyed83
Renaissance Class10 NCC 4510910 USS Maryland89 Missing89
Nebula Class10 NCC 6200610 USS Hera83 Missing83
Constitution Class NCC 1764148 USS Defiant148 Missing148
Miranda Refit10 NCC 2138210 USS Tian An Men22 Missing149
Nebula Class10 NCC 6195210 USS Proxima89 Missing89
Miranda Refit10 NCC 21166150 USS Brittain150 Missing150
Type 6 Shuttle10 NCC 1701-D/06151 Curie151 Missing151
Excelsior Class2 NCC 4213610 USS Cairo2 Missing88
Defiant Class37 NCC 7563338 USS Sao Paulo38 Renamed38
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3838152 USS Pritchett152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2115152 USS Dominion152 Retired
Soyuz Class153 NCC 1941153 USS Bozeman153 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3923152 USS Chandrasekher152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3934152 USS Todd152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3818152 USS Flamarion152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 606152 USS Camelopardus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3914152 USS Henderson152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 524152 USS Ares152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 604152 USS Lupus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3835152 USS Jeffrey152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 528152 USS Iblis152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3830152 USS Messier152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 514152 USS Rahman152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3805152 USS Aristarchus152 Retired
Hokul'a Class10 NCC 1938610 USS Tripoli154 Retired10
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3878152 USS Popper152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2110152 USS Directorate152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3883152 USS Chamberlain152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3813152 USS Thales152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3807152 USS Eratosthenes152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 591152 USS Bridger152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3847152 USS Hencke152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 542152 USS Appollyon152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 610152 USS Lepus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3929152 USS Jeans152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 539152 USS Hektor152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 613152 USS Vulpecula152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3829152 USS Luyten152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 532152 USS Pontiac152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3896152 USS Apian152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3906152 USS Pogson152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2104152 USS Corporation152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3912152 USS Challis152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3894152 USS Swift152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 38S9152 USS Encke152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 597152 USS Bowie152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3887152 USS Hayashi152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 537152 USS Alvarado152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 614152 USS Leo Minor152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3875152 USS Jansky152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 523152 USS Hathor152 Retired
Oberth Class71 NCC 60271 USS Oberth71 Retired
Warp Sled139 Surak139 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 616152 USS Ursa Minor152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3939152 USS Lowell152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 506152 USS Pompey152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3804152 USS Anaximander152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3918152 USS Plaskett152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2119152 USS Consortium152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3824152 USS Cassini152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3840152 USS Struve152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3924152 USS Eichelberger152 Retired
Constitution Class NCC 1700138 USS Constitution138 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3910152 USS Young152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 593152 USS Batidor152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3833152 USS Halley152 Retired
Daedalus Class USS Daedalus Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 531152 USS Alva152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 607152 USS Leo152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3903152 USS Irwin152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 516152 USS Hashishiyun152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 609152 USS Ursa Major152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3890152 USS Lockyer152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 544152 USS Perseus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3803152 USS Anaxagoras152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3931152 USS Pierce152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2114152 USS Confederation152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3870152 USS Carrington152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3908152 USS Slipher152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3845152 USS Eddington152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3868152 USS Wright152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 602152 USS Aries152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3926152 USS Hall152 Retired
Daedalus Class NCC 16010 USS Carolina155 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 511152 USS Alexander152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 585152 USS Hermes152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3806152 USS Ibn Daud152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 512152 USS Hannibal152 Retired
Oberth Class156 NCC 62310 USS Copernicus156 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 619152 USS Tucana152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3828152 USS Leverrier152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 533152 USS Ney152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3817152 USS Ambartsumian152 Retired
Constitution Refit156 NCC-1701-A156 USS Enterprise156 Retired71
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3864152 USS Pickering152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2109152 USS Concordat152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 505152 USS Xerxes152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3936152 USS Carpenter152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3866152 USS Shklovsky152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3899152 USS Dreyer152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3921152 USS Wolf152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 623152 USS Aquila152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3873152 USS Hale152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 503152 USS Alaric152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 624152 USS Grus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3861152 USS Humanson152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 518152 USS Hamilcar152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 599152 USS Tonte152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3849152 USS Leavitt152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 546152 USS Nelson152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3802152 USS Al Rashid152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3827152 USS Piazzi152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2103152 USS Compactat152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 526152 USS Tyr152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3856152 USS Campell152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3933152 USS Shapley152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2102152 USS Unificatum152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3831152 USS Doppler152 Retired
Constellation Class157 NCC 2893157 USS Stargazer157 Retired157
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3854152 USS Wolaston152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 618152 USS Apus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3859152 USS Goldricke152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 545152 USS Al Mahdi152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 603152 USS Equulus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3915152 USS Huggins152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 535152 USS Geronimo152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 605152 USS Taurus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3876152 USS Laplace152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 522152 USS Molock152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3842152 USS Airy152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3811152 USS Philolaus152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2118152 USS Association152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 552152 USS Theseus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3897152 USS Brouwer152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3852152 USS Secchi152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3879152 USS Sabine152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2117152 USS Trusteeship152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3825152 USS Donati152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3895152 USS Walker152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 586152 USS Anubis152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3901152 USS Goldreich152 Retired
Constitution Class10 NCC 1371158 USS Republic158 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 548152 USS Akbar152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 589152 USS Diana152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3848152 USS Hubble152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 509152 USS Etzel152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 596152 USS Spaker152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3930152 USS Langley152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 554152 USS Martel152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3925152 USS Adams152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2113152 USS Alliance152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 510152 USS Tamerlane152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3821152 USS Brahe152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3880152 USS Schmidt152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3907152 USS Russell152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2112152 USS Star Union152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3900152 USS Dollond152 Retired
Constellation Class159 NCC 2593159 USS Hathaway159 Retired159
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3882152 USS Von Zach152 Retired
Miranda Refit10 NCC 1867156 USS Saratoga156 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 588152 USS Aeolus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3927152 USS Gold152 Retired
Constitution Class158 NCC 165710 USS Potemkin158 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 547152 USS Ajax152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 617152 USS Cygnus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3888152 USS Hubbard152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 534152 USS El Cid152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 598152 USS Sacajawea152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3916152 USS Lagrange152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 525152 USS Mars152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3850152 USS Peale152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 508152 USS Suleiman152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3843152 USS Bondi152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3819152 USS Schiaparelli152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3865152 USS Ross152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2107152 USS Star System152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3885152 USS Dollfus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3841152 USS Vogel152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3846152 USS Gautier152 Retired
Constitution Class158 NCC 170910 USS Lexington158 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 513152 USS Ahriman152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 600152 USS Crockett152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3928152 USS Hoyle152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 541152 USS Drake152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 595139 USS Revere139 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3836152 USS Kuiper152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 540152 USS Lysander152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3891152 USS Palitzsch152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2108152 USS Affiliation152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 520152 USS Siva152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3922152 USS Bode152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3893152 USS Scheiner152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3932152 USS Roques152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2101152 USS Star League152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3820152 USS Deslandres152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3940152 USS Van Maanen152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3808152 USS Galllei152 Retired
Constitution Class152 NCC 1710138 USS Kongo138 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 515152 USS Adad152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 620152 USS Corvus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3834152 USS Holden152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 538152 USS De Ruyter152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 590152 USS Quintillus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3871152 USS Kruger152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 521152 USS Lucifer152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3837152 USS Oort152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 519152 USS Shaitan152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3884152 USS Biela152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3920152 USS Schawbe152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3851152 USS Rittenhouse152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2116152 USS Star Empire152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3937152 USS Delambre152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3881152 USS Van De Kamp152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3886152 USS Galle152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 551152 USS Achilles152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 621152 USS Columbia152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3874152 USS Hirayama152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 502152 USS Darius152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 625152 USS Phoenix152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3904152 USS Kohlschutter152 Retired
Excelsior Variant 1100 NCC 1701-B100 USS Enterprise100 Retired52
Saladin Class152 NCC 529152 USS Loki152 Retired
Constitution Refit10 NCC 95610 USS Eagle10 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3917152 USS Olbers152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3911152 USS Bessel152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3839152 USS Savary152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3823152 USS Riccioli152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2111152 USS Organization152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3815152 USS Copernicus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3909152 USS Van de hulst152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3832152 USS Gaillot152 Retired
Constitution Class158 NCC 1703138 USS Hood158 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 549152 USS Abu Bekr152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 594152 USS Cody152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3809152 USS Hipparchus152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 536152 USS Cortez152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 612152 USS Pegasus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3862152 USS Klepstra152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 507152 USS Kublai152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3822152 USS Newton152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 553152 USS Scipio152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3869152 USS Bayer152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3919152 USS Sandage152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3892152 USS Reber152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2106152 USS Konkordium152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3857152 USS Columbo152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3810152 USS Ulugh Beg152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3938152 USS Frost152 Retired
Constitution Class10 NCC 164710 USS Farragut160 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 592152 USS Carson152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3814152 USS Hevelius152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 530152 USS Cochise152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 622152 USS Pavo152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3826152 USS Kidinnu152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 527152 USS Jugurtha152 Retired
Constitution Class NCC 189571 USS Endeavour71 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3877152 USS Newcomb152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 504152 USS Sargon152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3935152 USS Baum152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC.3812152 USS Pythagoras152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2100152 USS Federation152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3898152 USS Clark152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3867152 USS Toscanelli152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3872152 USS Fracastor152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 615152 USS Canis Minor152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3902152 USS Hertzsprung152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 555152 USS Cimon152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 601152 USS Monocerus152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3816152 USS Keppler152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 501152 USS Jenghiz152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3905152 USS Moulton152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 543152 USS Samson152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3801152 USS Ptolemy152 Retired
Federation Class152 NCC 2120139 USS Entente139 Retired
Soyuz Class USS Soyuz Retired153
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3844152 USS Chauvenet152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3853152 USS Tombaugh152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3913152 USS Flamsteed152 Retired
Constitution Class138 NCC 1664138 USS Excalibur138 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 611152 USS Canis Major152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3860152 USS Herschell152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 517152 USS Azrael152 Retired
Hermes Class152 NCC 608152 USS Lynx152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3889152 USS Kaula152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 550152 USS Ivan152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3863152 USS Mitchell152 Retired
Saladin Class152 NCC 500152 USS Saladin152 Retired
Ptolemy Class152 NCC 3855152 USS Baade152 Retired
Constitution Class145 NCC 1701161 USS Enterprise161 Upgraded139
Constitution Class NCC 95610 USS Eagle10 Upgraded
Constitution Class28 NCC 171710 USS Yorktown160 Upgraded28
Sovereign Class27 NX 7381127 USS Sovereign27 Upgraded
Sovereign Class68 NCC 1701-E68 USS Enterprise68 Upgraded13
Galaxy Class54 USS Magellan54 Upgraded54
Miranda Class USS Miranda Upgraded


Class Registry Name StatusUp
D'Kora Class162 Kreechta159 Active
D'Kora Class162 Krayton84 Active


Class Registry Name StatusUp
NX Test Ship163 NX Alpha163 Destroyed163
DY-100 Class164 SS Botany Bay164 Destroyed125
USS Enterprise CVN-65156 Enterprise156 Destroyed
Conestoga Class SS Conestoga165 Destroyed165
Valiant Class SS Valiant161 Destroyed161
The Phoenix Phoenix68 Destroyed68
SS Enterprise Class SS Enterprise Destroyed
NX Test Ship163 NX Gamma Retired
NX Test Ship163 NX Delta163 Retired
NX Test Ship163 NX Beta163 Retired
Type 0 Shuttle Shuttlepod 2166 Retired
Intrepid Class Intrepid167 Retired
NX Class168 NX 02168 Columbia169 Retired
Type 0 Shuttle Shuttlepod 1166 Retired
J Class170 ECS Horizon166 Retired
NX Class168 NX 01166 Enterprise166 Retired171
DY-500 Class172 NAR-7678172 SS Mariposa172 Retired172
DY-500 Class172 HMS Lord Nelson172 Retired
DY-500 Class172 SS Hokule'a172 Retired172
Y Class170 ECS 2801170 ECS Fortunate170 Retired
J Class ECS Constellation173 Retired
NX Class170 NX-01166 Enterprise166 Upgraded168


Class Registry Name StatusUp
Vor'cha Class59 IKS Qu'Vat59 Active
Vor'cha Class IKS P'Rang Active
Vor'cha Class174 IKS Maht-H'a174 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey Vorn63 Active
Vor'cha Class120 IKS Drovna120 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey Rotarran175 Active
Vor'cha Class73 IKC Bortas73 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey M'Char176 Active
Negh'var Class IKS Negh'Var7 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey Korinar120 Active
K'T'Inga Class IKC B'Moth175 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey Ki'Tang177 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey Hegh'ta29 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey Buruk63 Active
B'rel Class Pagh178 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey179 Qevin179 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey179 Orantho179 Active
Vor'cha Class180 IKS Yavang180 Active
Vor'cha Class181 IKS Vor'nak181 Active
Klingon Bird of Prey179 Ch'Tang179 Active
D-5 Class182 Bor'Tas182 Destroyed
Raptor Class SamRaH183 Destroyed
K'T'Inga Class IKC T'Acog184 Destroyed184
K'T'Inga Class IKC Amar139 Destroyed139
B'rel Class Koraga105 Destroyed105
Klingon Bird of Prey179 Ma'Para179 Destroyed179
Vor'cha Class185 IKS Toh'Kaht185 Destroyed185
Klingon Bird of Prey Etam186 Missing186
Klingon Bird of Prey179 Ning'Tau179 Missing179
D-7 Class187 IKS Groth187 Retired
D-5 Class179 Klothos179 Retired
K'T'Inga Class IKC T'Ong188 Retired
K'T'Inga Class Qo'noS One71 Retired


Class Registry Name StatusUp
Yonada Yonada Active
Regency Class Regency 1 Active


Class Registry Name StatusUp
Romulan Science ship Pi Active
D'Deridex Class19 Generex19 Active
D'Deridex Class101 Terix101 Active
D'Deridex Class19 Dividices19 Active
D'Deridex Class62 Temet62 Active
D'Deridex Class189 Khazara189 Active
D'Deridex Class128 Haakona128 Active
D'Deridex Class21 Devoras21 Active
D'Deridex Class D'deridex Active
Norexan Class13 Valdore13 Active
Romulan Scout Pi190 Active
D'Deridex Class Makar Destroyed
D'Deridex Class Belak Destroyed


Class Registry Name StatusUp
War Ship Q'Maire191 Active191

Temporal Ships

Class Registry Name StatusUp
Wells Class53 NCV 474439-G53 USS Relativity192 Active192
Endgame Nova193 NCC 72701 USS Rhode Island193 Active
Constitution Class NCC 1701136 USS Enterprise136 Active136


Class Registry Name StatusUp
D'Kyr Class Seleya194 Destroyed194
Vahklas Class Vahklas195 Destroyed
Suurok Class Ti'Mur196 Destroyed
Suurok Class Ni'Var197 Destroyed
Sh'Raan Class Sh'Ran198 Destroyed
D'Kyr Class Tal'Kyr199 Destroyed
D'Kyr Class D'Kyr200 Destroyed

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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1 TNG 4 The Wounded
2 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 1
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5 TNG 7 Journey's End
6 VOY 1 Caretaker, Part 1
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8 DS9 4 Return to Grace
9 DS9 3 The Die is Cast
10 Star Trek Encyclopedia
11 TNG 2 The Schizoid Man
12 Star Trek : Titan, Book 1 - Taking Wing
13 Star Trek : Nemesis
14 Visible on the shooting model
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17 TNG 2 The Child
18 TNG 1 Angel One
19 DS9 7 Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
20 Star Trek : Insurrection
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22 TNG 5 Redemption, Part 2
23 VOY 5 Timeless
24 DS9 5 ...Nor the Battle to the Strong
25 TNG 2 Unnatural Selection
26 DS9 5 For the Uniform
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31 DS9 6 A Time to Stand
32 DS9 2 Tribunal
33 TNG 4 Identity Crisis
34 TNG 7 Thine Own Self
35 DS9 7 Chrysalis
36 TNG 3 The Ensigns of Command
37 Rick Sternback
38 DS9 7 The Dogs of War
39 DS9 4 Paradise Lost
40 TNG 6 Second Chances
41 TNG 7 All Good Things
42 TNG 2 Elementary, Dear Data
43 DS9 3 The Adversary
44 TNG 3 The Price
45 TNG 4 Half a Life
46 TNG 4 The Drumhead
47 VOY 7 Drive
48 VOY 2 Non Sequitur
49 DS9 7 Take Me Out to the Holosuite
50 TNG 2 Time Squared
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53 Mike Okuda
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57 TNG 3 The Most Toys
58 TNG 1 11001001
59 TNG 6 Aquiel
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63 TNG 4 Reunion
64 VOY 3 Flashback
65 TNG 1 Too Short a Season
66 DS9 4 Body Parts
67 VOY 6 Life Line
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69 TNG 1 Where No One Has Gone Before
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93 TNG 1 The Neutral Zone
94 TNG 7 Firstborn
95 TNG 5 Ethics
96 TNG 4 Legacy
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98 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 2
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101 TNG 7 The Pegasus
102 TNG 3 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
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105 DS9 7 Penumbra
106 VOY 4 The Raven
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108 TNG 4 In Theory
109 DS9 6 Valiant
110 TNG 4 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
111 TOS 2 The Doomsday Machine
112 TNG 7 Force of Nature
113 Star Trek : Titan, Book 4 - Sword of Damocles
114 TNG 1 The Arsenal of Freedom
115 DS9 3 The Search, Part 1
116 DS9 7 The Changing Face of Evil
117 TNG 4 Family
118 VOY 5 Extreme Risk
119 VOY 6 Unimatrix Zero, Part 1
120 DS9 4 The Sons of Mogh
121 DS9 5 By Inferno's Light
122 TNG 3 Yesterday's Enterprise
123 DS9 1 Battle Lines
124 TNG 5 Hero Worship
125 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
126 DS9 2 Second Sight
127 TNG 1 We'll Always Have Paris
128 TNG 2 Contagion
129 TNG 5 Darmok
130 TNG 5 The Outcast
131 DS9 6 Change of Heart
132 VOY 5 Equinox, Part 1
133 VOY 6 Equinox, Part 2
134 VOY 2 Threshold
135 VOY 4 Day of Honor
136 Star Trek XI
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161 TOS 1 Where No Man Has Gone Before
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167 ENT 3 Twilight
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169 ENT 3 E2
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171 ENT 4 These Are The Voyages...
172 TNG 2 Up The Long Ladder
173 ENT 2 Horizon
174 TNG 6 The Chase
175 DS9 5 Soldiers of the Empire
176 TOS 3 The Way to Eden
177 DS9 7 When it Rains...
178 TNG 2 A Matter of Honor
179 DS9 7 Once More Unto the Breach
180 DS9 6 You are Cordially Invited...
181 DS9 6 Sons and Daughters
182 ENT 2 Judgment
183 ENT 1 Sleeping Dogs
184 TNG 1 Heart of Glory
185 DS9 1 Dramatis Personae
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188 TNG 2 The Emissary
189 TNG 6 Face of the Enemy
190 TNG 3 The Enemy
191 TNG 4 Suddenly Human
192 VOY 5 Relativity
193 VOY 7 Endgame, Part 1
194 ENT 3 Impulse
195 ENT 1 Fusion
196 ENT 1 Breaking the Ice
197 ENT 1 Shadows of P'Jem
198 ENT 1 Fallen Hero
199 ENT 2 Future Tense
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