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Federation Technology
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Medical Technology

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Medical Technology

The rapid rate of advance of medical technology today means that no static reference work such as this can hope to catalogue every form of equipment in use in a modern hospital. This section will therefore attempt to briefly detail only those examples which are in the most widespread use in Starfleet medical.


Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Hypospray [1]

The Hypospray is a simple and effective method of delivering substances intravenously to a patient. The device consists of a spray head which can deliver drugs painlessly through the skin, and even through clothing. Attached to this is a swappable vial which contains the drugs to be delivered. The Hypospray has several major advantages over the syringe; since the skin is not broken by the spray, there is no contamination of the hyposprays tip during an injection. The device can therefore be used repeatedly without any need for sterilization of the tip. The hypospray is also completely painless, which has helped to make the widespread fear of injections a thing of the past.



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Biobed [2]

The hospital bed is, of course, one of the most important items to be found in any medical facility, as it is here that the patient will spend most of their time. Early beds were simply that - a place where the patient could rest in comfort. As technology progressed the hospital bed began to become more flexible and it was only a matter of time before routine medical systems began to be incorporated as standard, leading to the early versions of the device which has come to be known as the Biobed.

Today, the Starfleet biobed is designed to provide the medical staff with a wide range of basic information on the patient. Inbuilt sensor systems allow the biobed to constantly monitor factors such as heart rate, respiration, temperature, etc. These are displayed on a permanent basis, usually on a panel located at the head of the biobed, so as to present the information in the most clearly and easily accessible manner possible. As a backup to the visual presentation, biobeds can be set to give audio information, including normal functions such as heartbeat or automatic alarms should any body function fall outside a pre-set range.

The use of biobeds essentially means that every hospital bed today is equivalent to - or in fact, superior to - the "intensive care" beds of centuries ago. However, it is simply not resource efficient to include every type of medical device on every biobed. While the goal posts have shifted, then, even the most modern medical facilities still maintain a relatively few "high technology" beds supplemented by a much larger number of standard biobeds.

Laser Scalpel

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Laser Scalpel

The laser scalpel is one of the simplest instruments used in the modern medical facility. This device uses a laser beam rather than a physical knife in order to cut the patient; this allows a greater degree of control over the incision, and by eliminating physical contact between instrument and patient reduces the risk of transmitting infections.


Cortical Stumulator

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Cortical Stumulator [3]

The Cortical Stimulator is a small device which is used to elevate the activity in the cortex of a patient. The stimulator is typically a small device which is attached to the cranium; it is used on patients who have reduced or damaged brain wave patterns.



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Physiostumulator [4]

The physiostimulator is a system designed to elevate metabolic functions in an impaired individual. The unit is typically a small handheld device. In 2267 Doctor mcCoy used a physiostimulator to bring Captain Kirk out of a deep coma which had been used to fool the Romulans into believing that he was dead. [4]



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Autosuture [5]

Handheld unit used to heal reasonably mild wounds to the skin. Autosutures can be used to close incisions, heal knife wounds, etc. In 2369 an autosuture was used to heal a stab wound received by Captain Jean Luc Picard. [5]


Neural Caliper

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Neural Caliper [6]

A small device used to cause the patient to loose consciousness. The Neural Caliper is often used as part of the preparation for surgery. [6]


Gentronic Replicator

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Gentronic Replicator [7]

An advanced medical system designed to scan damaged organs on the quantum level and replicate living replacements which can then be transplanted. The system was created by Doctor Toby Russell, an expert in spinal injuries. The Federation refused Dr. Russell permission to test the device on a patient on three separate occasions, on the grounds that the risks were unacceptable. In 2368 she used the device on Lieutenant Worf, who had been paralysed after an accident on board the Enterprise-D. The Gentronic replicator succeeded in creating a new spine, but Worf died on the operating table. Fortunately, his Klingon physiology allowed him to be revived and make a full recovery. [7]


Dermal Regenerator

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Dermal Regenerator [8]

The dermal regenerator is used to repair damage to the skin of the patient, including bruising and lacerations. The device is handheld; the doctor holds it over the damaged area and moves it slowly back and forth. The treatment typically lasts only a matter of a few seconds. [8]



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Defibrillator [9]

The defibrillator is a device used to restore sinus rhythm in a patients heart after it has gone into cardiac arrhythmia. Modern defibrillators are portable handheld devices which are placed into contact with the skin directly over the heart; when triggered a computer controlled shock is delivered to the heart. [9]


Subdermal Scalpel

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Subdermal Scalpel [10]

The subdermal scalpel is used for making incisions beneath the skin without breaking the skin itself. It therefore allows purely internal surgery to be performed, reducing the risk of infection and the need for instruments such as dermal regenerators. [10]


Tissue Scanner

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Tissue Scanner [11]

This tissue scanner is used to measure the rate of cellular decay. It can run scans at the molecular level, and is capable of picking up tetryon particles. The sensitivity can be boosted with an enhanced resolution mode, and can adjust the scan field as needed. The unit interfaces with remote computer systems which can be used to control all functions. [11]



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Exoscalpel [7]

A form of scalpel used in surgery aboard the Enterprise-D. An exoscalpel was used in the surgery to replace Lieutenant Worf's spine in 2368. [7]


Neural Bridge

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Neural Bridge [12]

The neural bridge can be used to stabilise the neural functions of a patient with heavy brain damage. It allows the brain of a normal person to be used to support a damaged brain. [12]



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Cardio-Inducer [3]

Device which is used to treat heart conditions in artificial hearts. [3]



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Micro-Tone [7]

A device which can be used to make extremely precise cuts. A microtone was used to sever Worf's spine when his spinal column was replaced in 2368. [7]


Optical Scanner

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Optical Scanner [13]

The optial scanner is used to perform diagnostics on the visual receptors. It can detect phase variances and alterations in the surrounding dekyon field. [13]


Neutron Microscope

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Neutron Microscope [14]

A device used by the Deonbulans in the mid 22nd century which allows high magnification, high resolution imaging. The NX-01 received a neutron microscope from the Denobulans in 2152. [14]

The microscope uses a reflectometer to collimate a stream of neutrons. In setting the device up, a condenser lens is screwed onto the aperture ring and the emitter frequency is then remodulated to initiate the neutron stream. Then the quantum filters must be aligned. Frequency parameters must be entered in advance to get an image. The aperture must also be stabilised to ensure a sharp image. [14]

Using the microscope a strand of protein molecules can be enlarged and enhanced to the point where a single nucleotide can be clearly seen, and even individual carbon atoms. [14]


Hypnosis Device

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Hypnosis Device [15]

A small device used to place patients into a hypnotic trance. [15]


Scanner Helmet

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Scanner Helmet [15]

This medical device was used aboard the Galaxy class in 2364. [15]


Analgesic Inducer

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Analgesic Inducer

This small device was able to relieve headache pain within seconds, though it did nothing to treat the underlying cause. [16]


Light Needle

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Light Needle

Device used to relieve moderate to severe pain. [17]


Sensor Pads

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Sensor Pads

Devices which could be attached to a patient to take readings. [18]


Psychotronic Stability Test

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Psychotronic Stability Test [19]

A standard Starfleet medical test which Starfleet officers are required to take before they graduate the Academy. The subject is shown a series of images whilst a pair of devices on their forehead measure their responses. In 2365 Counselor Troi administered a psychotronic stability test to Lieutenant Commander Data after he began to display anomalous behaviour. The test identified two distinct personalities within his brain, his own and the implanted personality of Ira Graves. [19]


Arterial Repair Device

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Arterial Repair Device [20]

Used for repairing arterial tears and thus preventing excess pressure within the brain. Doctor McCoy considered this to be a vastly more humane method than the 20th century method of drilling a hole in the skull to evacuate the excess blood. He used one of the devices to heal Checkov after he sustained arterial damage in a fall aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise in1986. [20]


Handheld Scanner

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Handheld Scanner

This device is used for scans of the body. [21]


Brainwave Inducer

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Brainwave Inducer [21]

Device used to induce brainwave patterns. It was used on Commander Riker when he was infected by an alien plant in 2365. [21]


Alien Medical Repair Device

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Alien Medical Repair Device

This alien device was encountered by the NX-01 in 2152. It was capable of repairing major wounds such as through-and-through impalement. The device was used to repair Lieutenant Reed's leg wound. [22]


Eye Scanner

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Eye Scanner

A medical eye scanner used by Earth Starfleet in 2153. [23]

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