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Science and Technology List

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NameUp Description Episode
Warp Beacon Decoy1 A device employed by Skalaar when he abducted Captain Archer in 2153. The beacon could emit a warp signature which matched another vessel, thus decoying a searching ship away from the real target.1 Bounty
Warp coil2 A toroidal device which is responsible for generating the field which drives a vessel at faster than light speeds. Warp coils are powered by a plasma stream which passes through the centeral apeture. Each nacelle on a Starship can hold many warp coils.2 Force of Nature
Warp core3 The main power generator of a Federation Starship. The warp core is where the Starships matter and antimatter fuel is reacted together to produce the energetic plasma which powers the ship major systems. It is normally located in main engineering.3 Generic canonical information
Warp factor4 A number related to the velocity of a vessel using warp or transwarp drive systems. The Federation has used at least two different warp scales since warp drive was invented.4 The Cage
Warp field5 A subspace field with a value of 1 Cochrane or more. Starships use their warp coils to generate a warp field in order to facilitate faster than light propulsion.5 Deja Q
Warp injector casing6 Highly radioactive container for warp injector. Transporting them was considered a highly dangerous occupation.6 Marauders
Warp manifold7 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. Damage to the manifold could cause an antimatter cascade to pass through an antimatter junction and into the reactor core, causing a catastrophic explosion.7 Cold Front
Warp nacelle8 A structural component of a Starship which houses the warp coils. Nacelles are usually located at the end of long struts which hold them away from the main body of the ship, although this is not really necessary. A Bussard collector is often located at the front of the nacelle.8 The Apple
Warp plasma regulators9 Element of the drive system of an NX class starship. The warp plasma regulators were located in the twin booms which attached the primary hull to the nacelle struts in shaft C, junction 12.9 Regeneration
Warp plasma subprocessor10 A computer system which controls the warp core of a Defiant class starship. It can be used to initiate a warp core breach.10 One Little Ship
Warp sustainer engine11 Propulsion device included in small probes or weapons which allows them to take a small amount of energy from a launch vessels warp field and coast on it for a short time.11 Generic official information
Waveform discriminator12 Device carried by Vulcan spacecraft in the 1950s. A waveform discriminator could be used as part of an improvised communications device.12 Carbon Creek
Weather modification net13 A system designed to modify or control the weather on a planet. Risa has one of the most extensive weather modification systems in the Federation.13 Let He Who Is Without Sin...
Wormhole14 An anomaly which connects two points in spacetime, creating a short cut between them. Wormholes can allow a vessel to travel quickly across vast distances, or even back in time. Most wormholes are unstable, with endpoints which move regularly,14 with the artificially created Bajoran Wormhole as the single exception.15 The Price

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
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2 TNG 7 Force of Nature
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5 TNG 3 Deja Q
6 ENT 2 Marauders
7 ENT 1 Cold Front
8 TOS 2 The Apple
9 ENT 2 Regeneration
10 DS9 6 One Little Ship
11 Generic official information
12 ENT 2 Carbon Creek
13 DS9 5 Let He Who Is Without Sin...
14 TNG 3 The Price
15 DS9 1 Emissary
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