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Planets List
Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Palgrenax1

A planet located within the Taurus Reach, and the home world of the Palgrenai. In galactic terms Palgrenax possessed nothing of military or political value. Mineral ores on the planet were of marginal use for refining or energy generation, and were especially lacking in materials used in Klingon warships. The planet was too remote from Federation colonies and patrol routes to have any real strategic value for the Klingons. Nevertheless, they conquered the planet in the mid 23rd century.1

Palgrenax was home to a collection of ancient ruins located on one continent. The Chancellor and High council were interested in the ancient structures, and the Klingon Governor Morqla speculated that this may be the reason behind their conquest. When the Klingon scientists analysing the object managed to activate it, a member of the Shedai species which had constructed the device used it to attack the Klingon occupation forces. A cruiser in orbit bombarded the alien structures in reprisal, prompting the Shedai to destroy the planet.1

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 2 - Summon the Thunder
Novel : Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 2 - Summon the Thunder

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