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Planets List

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NameUp Description Episode
AR-5581 Planet which was the site of a major Dominion Communications relay. AR-558 was the scene of bitter ground fighting after the Allied invasion of Cardassian space, with little in the way of reinforcements arriving for the hard pressed Federation forces there. In spite of months of gruelling battle with the Jem'Hadar and heavy casualties, Federation troops continued to hold the relay.1 The Siege of AR-558
Acamar III2 Planet which was the home of the Acamarians and the Gatherer tribe of raiders. After a Gatherer raid on a Federation outpost in 2366, the Enteprise-D visited Acamar III to pick up the Sovereign as part of a reconciliation effort between the two groups.2 The Vengeance Factor
Achrady VII3 This planet was the site of a conference attended by Lwaxana Troi before she decided to visit the Enterprise-D in 2366.3 Captain's Holiday
Adarak4 A Cardassian world, location of a weapons storage facility and a Cardassian garrison. In 2375 Damar's rebellion launched an attack on the facility after Odo found a weakness in the defences.4 When it Rains...
Adelphous IV5 The Enterprise-D was on course for this planet 2367 whilst Lieutenant Commander Data was detailing the various events taking place aboard the ship.5 Data's Day
Adigeon Prime6 This planet was the site of a genetic engineering facility. Starfleet officer Julian Bashir was genetically enhanced here as a child.6 Doctor Bashir, I Presume?
Agaron7 Once a very corrupt world, the leaders were able to overcome the criminal factions with Vulcan help around 2122. As of 2152 the planet was an ally of Vulcan.7 The Seventh
Ajilon Prime8 A planet in the Arkanus Sector. This world was the site of a battle between Klingon and Federation forces in 2373 during the brief war between the two. Jake Sisko was stranded on the planet during the battle.8 ...Nor the Battle to the Strong
Akritiri9 Delta Quadrant Planet, home of a dictatorial species which imprisoned their citizens in space stations under inhumane conditions.9 The Chute
Alastria10 A planet which is approximately 40 000 light years from Sikarus; famed for the erosine winds. Harry Kim briefly visited Alastria in 2371 when the Sikarian Eudana took him there via her planet's trajector technology.10 Prime Factors
Aldea11 The planet Aldea was long thought to by mythical, until it revealed itself to the Enterprise-D in 2364. Prior to this it had been hidden behind a cloaking device and shield system. The operation of these devices had destroyed the planet's ozone layer, flooding the surface with ultra violet light which threatened extinction for the Aldeans. The Enterprise-D crew were able to reseed the layer, ending the problem. However, for the solution to remain effective the Aldeans were unable to use the shield or cloak any further, leaving Aldea visible to outsiders.11 When the Bough Breaks
Aldebaran III12 Long-time Federation member planet on which Janet and Theordore Wallace experimented on plants using carbohydrate compounds to slow their ageing.12 The Deadly Years
Algeron IV13 Planet which the Enterprise-D headed for after leaving Relva VII in 2364.13 Coming of Age
Alpha 11714 Class M planet which becomes exceptionally cold during the night-time; Kirk was split into two halves by a transporter accident when beaming up from here. As a result a landing party was stranded on the planet by a hold on using the transporter system, and almost froze to death.14 The Enemy Within
Alpha 44115 A planetoid in the Badlands, Alpha 441 was the site of a Maquis munitions base. In 2370 it was the target of an attack by the Cardassian Dreadnought. Although the missile penetrated the defences, it failed to detonate thanks to an obsolete kinetic detonator.15 Dreadnought
Alpha Carinae II16 A Class M world which was used as part of the testing of the M-5 computer system. Home to an intelligent species, it has two continents and a large number of smaller islands. Enterprise crewmember and geologist Carstairs once visited Alpha Carinae II whilst serving in the Merchant Marine.16 The Ultimate Computer
Alpha Carinae V17 Planet which is the home world of the Drella, a creature which derives sustenance from emotions, specifically the emotion of love.17 Wolf in the Fold
Alpha Cygnus IX18 Planet where Sarek negotiated an important treaty.18 Sarek
Alpha Eridani II17 This world was one of the planets on which the entity known as Redjac murdered several women. In this case the murders were committed in the city of Heliopolis in 2156. Alpha Eridani II lies on a direct line between the planets of Earth and Argelius.17 Wolf in the Fold
Alpha Eridani II17 The alien entity known as Redjac was responsible for the brutal murders of ten women on this planet in 2156.17 Wolf in the Fold
Alpha III19 Planet where an important human rights document was signed. Sam Cogley cited the document during Captain Kirk's court martial in 2267.19 Court Martial
Alpha Majoris I17 Home planet of the Mellitus, a being capable of assuming many different forms.17 Wolf in the Fold
Alpha Moon20 One of the moons of Peliar Zel20 The Host
Alpha Omicron VII21 A gas giant where a large space faring alien was killed by the Enterprise-D.21 Galaxy's Child
Alpha Onias III22 The Enterprise-D visited this planet in 2367. Riker was abducted by an alien child whilst leading an away team to investigate some caves on the planet.22 Future Imperfect
Alpha V23 A Federation colony world also known as Earth Colony 5. Alpha V was home to Chales Evans's closest living relatives when he was picked up by the Enterprise in 2266. Although Evans badly wanted to go and live on the planet, Captain Kirk was reluctant to allow him to mix with a civilian population as he feared Charlie may use his unique mental abilities to harm people.23 Charlie X
Altair III24 Third planet in the well populated Altair system. William Riker once refused to allow Captain De Soto to beam down to this planet, stating that it was too dangerous to him. The controversial action prompted Captain Picard to offer Riker the First Officer position on the Enterprise-D.24 Encounter at Farpoint
Altair IV25 The fourth planet in the heavily populated Altair system. The planet is the home of Doctor Henri Roget, winner of the 2371 Carrington Award.25 Prophet Motive
Altair VI26 Sixth planet in the well populated Altair system. In 2267 the Starship Enterprise was one of three Starfleet vessels due to visit the planet for the inaguration of the new President. The event was expected to send political ripples all the way to the Klingon Empire. However, Captain Kirk diverted the ship to Vulcan for Spock's Pon Farr.26 Altair VI was also mentioned in Starfleet Academy's Kobayashi Maru simulation as the departure port of the damaged vessel which the ship was expected to rescue.27 Amok Time
Altec28 A member of the Coalition of Madena Along with the neighbouring planet, Straleb. Straleb and Altec were not open enemies, but there was considerable rivalry between their respective heads of government. Much of this friction was eventually resolved when the elader's son and daughter agreed to be married in 2365.28 The Outrageous Okona
Alture VII29 A planet which was the setting for a meditation holoprogram.29 Birthright, Part 1
Amleth Prime30 Cardassian planet located inside an emission nebula. The presence of the nebula renders cloaking devices ineffectual, making it much more difficult to attack the Cardassian military facilities located on the planet.30 Return to Grace
Amusement Park Planet31 The world was used as a huge amusement park by an advanced alien species. Although the surface gave the appearance of an undeveloped world inhabited only by plantlife, beneath the ground were gigantic and highly advanced factories. Sensors could detect the thoughts of those on the surface, determining their innermost desire and then fabricating whatever was necessary for them to live it out. Even perfect simulations of real people could be created for visitors to interact with. The Enterprise crew visited the planet in 2267 for some rest and recreation, believing it to be uninhabited. They were initially perplexed by their experiences there but once the caretaker of the world explained the situation to them, the crew were able to have a highly enjoyable time.31 Shore Leave
Andevian II30 Planet with at least four moons. Andevian II is a popular holiday destination.30 Return to Grace
Andor32 Gas giant planet. One of the moons, Andoria, is the home of the Andorian people.32 The Aenar
Andoria25 Home of the Andorian people25 Andoria is a planet-sized moon orbiting the ringed gas giant Andor. It has a very low average surface temperature, such that only on relatively rare occasions can liquid water be found on the surface.32 Prophet Motive
Andros III33 Planet on which a scientist named Doctor Bathkin suggested that death could be avoided by keeping the cells of the body energized. The theory was not widely known or believed. In the Cards
Angel One34 Planet on which women are the dominant gender, larger and generally more aggressive than the men. Male survivors of the freighter Odin landed on Angel One in the 2360s. The Enterprise-D visited in 2364 in search of the men.34 Angel One
Angosia III35 Planet which was applying for Federation membership in 2366. Captain Picard initially considered them good applicants, though Commander Riker regarded the planet as being too "stuffy". During the final stages of the membership application it emerged that during a recent war Angosia had modified some of its citizens to become the perfect soldiers, then imprisoned them rather than try to reverse the process after the war. Picard used the incident to delay membership until the situation had been resolved.35 The Hunted
Antede III36 Home planet of the Antedeans, and intelligent species of piscines. In 2365 the Enterprise-D transported two Antedean ambassadors from the planet to Pacifica for a conference which was expected to confer Federation membership on the planet.36 Manhunt
Antica37 Planet which was the home of the Anticans. Antica was in the same system as the planets Selay and Parliment. The Enterprise-D visited the planet in 2364 to pick up a diplomatic party.37 Lonely Among Us
Antos IV38 A planet once visited by Captain Garth. Garth was taught the art of cellular metamorphosis by the natives, effectively turning him into a shape shifter who could assume the form of others at will.38 Whom Gods Destroy
Arakis Prime39 Delta Quadrant planet where the EMH went on one of his first away missions. It has crystal glaciers and a magnesium vapour atmosphere. The planet is apparently named for Arrakis, the central planet in Frank Herbert's Dune series. It's possible that Voyager's crew named that planet and that whoever did was a fan of Frank Herbert.39 One Small Step
Archanis IV40 Planet claimed by the Klingons40 Broken Link
Archer IV41 Planet the Enterprise-D headed for after encountering an anomaly in 2366.41 Archer IV was first discovered by the NX-01 in 2151. Although Class M, the planet was not habitable as the local plantlife produced highly toxic pollen.42 An antidote was discovered in the 2290's, allowing colonisation to finally proceed. By the 2260s the population of Archer IV numbered 700 million.43 Yesterday's Enterprise
Archer's Planet44 The second planet to be named after famed explorer captain Jonathan Archer, Archer's planet is in the Gamma Trianguli sector.45 In A Mirror, Darkly Part II
Arcturus IV46 Home planet of the Arcturians.46 Menage a Troi
Arcybite47 Planet where a Ferengi took over mining refineries47 The Nagus
Ardana48 Location of the cloud city, Stratos48 The Cloud Minders
Argala49 Planet in the Delta Quadrant. Argala had an arctic climate and was home to a starfaring civilisation.49 Displaced
Argana II50 The Enterprise departed for this planet after visiting Eminiar VII in 2267.50 A Taste of Armageddon
Argelius II17 Planet dedicated to hedonism17 Wolf in the Fold
Argratha51 Gamma Quadrant world, home of the Argrathi51 Hard Time
Argus X52 A planet visited by the USS Enterprise in 2268; a deposit of pure tritanium was discovered here. The landing party was attacked by a dikironium cloud creature.52 Obsession
Ariannus53 A Federation planet, considered to be a vital transfer point on the regular space commercial lanes. In 2267 the planet was infected by a bacterial plague which threatened to destroy all life there. The USS Enterprise was able to decontaminate the world and eradicate the infection.53 Let that be Your Last Battlefield
Arkaria54 Site of Arkeria base home of the Remmler Array54 Starship Mine
Arloff IX55 A planet where the USS Charleston waited to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D to pick up three previously frozen Humans.55 The Neutral Zone
Armus IX34 Planet where Riker wore a native costume made of leather34 Angel One
Arreta56 World destroyed centuries ago by war leaving a small number of survivors stored underground57 Return to Tomorrow
Arvada III58 Planet where a disaster killed many people58 The Arsenal of Freedom
Aschelan V15 Planet which was the location of a Cardassian fuel depot. In 2370 the Maquis attempted to use the captured Dreadnought missile to destroy the facility, but it vanished en route. Unknown at the time, the missile had been dragged across the galaxy by the Caretaker.15 Dreadnought
Atalia VII59 Site of a diplomatic conference in 236959 The Chase
Atbar Prime60 A cardassian planet, home to a base for the Cardassian rebellion movement. The base was destroyed by Dominion forces.60 The Dogs of War
Athos IV61 Fog-bound world on the edge of the Badlands61 Blaze of Glory
Atifs IV62 Home world of a people who give thanks in a manner similar to Betazoids.62 Haven
Atrea IV63 Planet which suffered unexplained magma cooling around 237063 Inheritance
Avenal VII64 A planet in Cardassian space. Gowron ordered General Martok to launch an attack against this world in the later stages of the Dominion war, despite it being heavily defended. The attack was a disasterous failure.64 Tacking into the Wind
Avery III65 Delta Quadrant site of a Vidiian research base65 Faces
Axanar38 Planet that James Kirk once visited on a peace mission38 Whom Gods Destroy
Azati prime66 Planet in the Delphic Expanse, site of the final version of the Xindi weapon.66 The NX-01 Enterprise was badly damaged whist at the planet in 2154.67 Stratagem

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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