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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Weyoun1
Species : Vorta

Like all Vorta, Weyoun is a clone which can be produced by the Founders at will. The first Weyoun which came into contact with the Federation was at least the fourth.2 He was a Field Supervisor in charge of a group of Jem'Hadar charged with tracking down and destroying a rebel group which had come into possession of an Iconian Gateway. Weyoun agreed to work with Sisko and the Defiant crew on the mission, which was successful despite the great difficulty the Jem'Hadar had in working with Starfleet. At the end of the mission the Jem'Hadar first executed Weyoun for disputing his honour.1

The next known Weyoun was the fifth, who was the Dominion's Chief Liaison to the Cardassian government. This Weyoun travelled to Deep Space Nine in 2373 in an attempt to prevent Legate Ghemor from revealing his secrets to the Federation.2 This Weyoun also presided over the fleet which launched the first attack of the Federation-Dominon war at the end of the year when he was ordered to prevent Captain Sisko from mining the wormhole entrance.3 Once Deep Space Nine had been captured Weyoun based his operations there, bringing him into close contact with the stations residents. They found him to be a somewhat enigmatic character, who would often mix affairs of state with trivialities.4 Like all Vorta Weyoun was fiercely loyal to the Founders, who he regarded as Gods.5

Sometime after the recapture of Deep Space Nine the fifth Weyoun was killed in a transporter accident which was regarded as 'suspicious'. His replacement was a very different character - he doubted the necessity of the war and openly questioned both its conduct and its goals. The Dominion decided that there must have been some flaw in the cloning process and created a replacement seventh Weyoun. The sixth, knowing that this action signalled his own termination, attempted to defect to Odo. The seventh Weyoun, at the prompting of Damar, attempted to have both his predecessor and Odo killed by the Jem'Hadar. The sixth Weyoun offered to commit suicide rather than place a Changeling in danger, and terminated his own life on board Odo's runabout.6

The seventh Weyoun attempted to interrogate Worf and Ezri after their capture by the Breen, only to be promptly killed by the enraged Klingon.7 The eighth took over immediately, but shortly afterwards the Dominion's Vorta cloning line was destroyed when the Cardassian uprising began. The eighth and final Weyoun was with the Founder leader when Cardassian forces finally captured her at the end of the war, and was killed by Garak in reprisal for his ordering of the deaths of countless Cardassian citizens.8
Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

Played by

Jeffrey CombsDS94To the Death
Jeffrey CombsDS95Ties of Blood and Water
Jeffrey CombsDS95In the Cards
Jeffrey CombsDS95Call to Arms
Jeffrey CombsDS96A Time to Stand
Jeffrey CombsDS96Behind the Lines
Jeffrey CombsDS96Favor the Bold
Jeffrey CombsDS96Sacrifice of Angels
Jeffrey CombsDS96Statistical Probabilities
Jeffrey CombsDS96Waltz
Jeffrey CombsDS96Far Beyond the Stars
Jeffrey CombsDS96Inquisition
Jeffrey CombsDS96In the Pale Moonlight
Jeffrey CombsDS96Tears of the Prophets
Jeffrey CombsDS97Image in the Sand
Jeffrey CombsDS97Shadows and Symbols
Jeffrey CombsDS97Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Jeffrey CombsDS97Penumbra
Jeffrey CombsDS97'Til Death Do Us Part
Jeffrey CombsDS97Strange Bedfellows
Jeffrey CombsDS97The Changing Face of Evil
Jeffrey CombsDS97Tacking into the Wind
Jeffrey CombsDS97The Dogs of War
Jeffrey CombsDS97What You Leave Behind


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