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Nebulae List

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Name Description Episode
DITL Nebulae No. 29 This class 17 nebula was discovered in the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager one stardate 50126.4. It contained Hydrogen, Helium and seven thousand parts per million of Sirillium, a highly combustible energy source. Bussard collectors were well suited to collect material from it, though plasmatic turbulence made for a bumpy ride if shield compensation techniques were not used.1 Flashback
DITL Nebulae No. 30 An Intrepid class vessel travelled through this nebula early in the lifetime of the class.2 Various Voyager episodes
DITL Nebulae No. 31 The NX-01 visited this stellar nursery in 2151 to observe the Great Plume of Agasoria.3 Cold Front
DITL Nebulae No. 32 Dark matter nebula containing several planets, once encountered by USS Voyager4 Cathexis
DITL Nebulae No. 33 Voyager encountered this Mutara class nebula in 2374. It spanned a minimum of one hundred and ten light years and emitted subnucleonic radiation devastating to organic tissue. Voyager's crew was forced to go into suspended animation whilst the ship crossed the nebula under the control of Seven of Nine.5 One
DITL Nebulae No. 34 Voyager encountered this class one nebula in 2374. The nebula contained traces of protomatter which the ship attempted to harvest using a shuttlecraft.6 Mortal Coil
DITL Nebulae No. 35 Voyager encountered this Delta Quadrant nebula in 2374.7 The Gift
DITL Nebulae No. 36 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2374.8 Hunters
DITL Nebulae No. 37 This inversion nebula was encountered by Voyager in 2373. Such nebulae had long been theorised to be unstable, but this was uncertain as none had ever been studied in the Alpha Quadrant. This one was centuries old, maintained by an alien species.9 Alter Ego
DITL Nebulae No. 38 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2375 after escaping from a vast region of empty space.10 Night
DITL Nebulae No. 39 The USS Voyager encountered this nebula in 2372.11 Maneuvers
DITL Nebulae No. 41 Voyager encountered this nebula in the Delta Quadrant in 2376.12 The Haunting of Deck Twelve
DITL Nebulae No. 42 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2377.13 Drive
DITL Nebulae No. 43 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2377.14 Flesh and Blood, Part 1
DITL Nebulae No. 44 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2376.15 Good Shepherd
DITL Nebulae No. 45 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2376.16 Life Line
DITL Nebulae No. 46 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2377.17 Nightingale
DITL Nebulae No. 48 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2375.18 The Disease
DITL Nebulae No. 49 The Borg concealed a major transwarp hub within this nebula.19 Endgame, Part 1
DITL Nebulae No. 50 This nebula was encountered by Captain Sisko in 2374. It contained at least one Class M planet.20 Rocks and Shoals
DITL Nebulae No. 51 This nebula lies on the Romulan neutral zone. The Enteprise-E passed it whilst patrolling the border in 2373 during the Borg attack on Earth.21 Star Trek : First Contact
DITL Nebulae No. 54 This nebula was in the area where Spock's ship emerged from the black hole.22 Star Trek XI
DITL Nebulae No. 57 A galactic nebula23 The Cage

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

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# Series Season Source Comment
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16 VOY 6 Life Line
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22 Star Trek XI
23 TOS 1 The Cage
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