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Nebulae List

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NameUp Description Episode
Agrat-Mot nebula1 A nebula located in the Delta Quadrant. Located in B'omar territory, the nebula was important in their negotiations with the Nassordin. The B'omar refused permission for Voyager to travel near the nebula when Captain Janeway negotiated for passage through their territory in that year.1 The Raven
Alawanir Nebula2 A nebula located in Federation territory. The USS Enterprise-D conducted spectral analyses of the Alawanir Nebula on several different frequencies whilst travelling to the Gariman system.2 Rightful Heir
Arachnid Nebula3 A nebula which the NX-01 charted in 2151. It was over eight billion kilometres in diameter, though an astronomy book which captain Archer had studied as a child had claimed that it was 6.5 billion kilometres across.3 Fusion
Azure Nebula4 A type 11 nebula on the border between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. Captain Sulu attempted to use the Azure nebula to cross into Klingon space in 2293 so as to rescue Captain Kirk an McCoy from Rura Pente. The attempt was foiled by a Klingon battle cruiser. The Azure nebula contains significant amounts of sirillium gas.4 Flashback
Bassen Rift5 An area near the Romulan neutral zone. Long range communications were impossible within the rift, which prompted Shinzon to use it as a site to attack the Enterprise-E in 2379.5 Star Trek : Nemesis
Betreka Nebula6 A nebula which was the site of the 18 year long Betreka Nebula Incident, in which Klingon and Cardassian forces clashed.6 The Way of the Warrior
Borgolis Nebula7 A nebula investigated by the Enterprise-D in 2369 because of the unusual radioactive emissions which it produced.7 Lessons
Chamra Vortex8 A nebula in the Gamma Quadrant, home to millions of asteroids. Croden hid his daughter in a stasis pod in the nebula whilst on the run from his people.8 Vortex
Coal Sack9 A galactic nebula.9 The Immunity Syndrome
Crab Nebula10 A nebula in the Alpha Quadrant. Data was once able to calculate the distance between the Omicron galaxy and the Crab nebula by a complex method which involved using the square root of pi and then multiplying it by nine to the third power.10 Manhunt
DITL Nebulae #29 This class 17 nebula was discovered in the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager one stardate 50126.4. It contained Hydrogen, Helium and seven thousand parts per million of Sirillium, a highly combustible energy source. Bussard collectors were well suited to collect material from it, though plasmatic turbulence made for a bumpy ride if shield compensation techniques were not used.4 Flashback
DITL Nebulae #30 An Intrepid class vessel travelled through this nebula early in the lifetime of the class.11 Various Voyager episodes
DITL Nebulae #31 The NX-01 visited this stellar nursery in 2151 to observe the Great Plume of Agasoria.12 Cold Front
DITL Nebulae #32 Dark matter nebula containing several planets, once encountered by USS Voyager13 Cathexis
DITL Nebulae #33 Voyager encountered this Mutara class nebula in 2374. It spanned a minimum of one hundred and ten light years and emitted subnucleonic radiation devastating to organic tissue. Voyager's crew was forced to go into suspended animation whilst the ship crossed the nebula under the control of Seven of Nine.14 One
DITL Nebulae #34 Voyager encountered this class one nebula in 2374. The nebula contained traces of protomatter which the ship attempted to harvest using a shuttlecraft.15 Mortal Coil
DITL Nebulae #35 Voyager encountered this Delta Quadrant nebula in 2374.16 The Gift
DITL Nebulae #36 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2374.17 Hunters
DITL Nebulae #37 This inversion nebula was encountered by Voyager in 2373. Such nebulae had long been theorised to be unstable, but this was uncertain as none had ever been studied in the Alpha Quadrant. This one was centuries old, maintained by an alien species.18 Alter Ego
DITL Nebulae #38 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2375 after escaping from a vast region of empty space.19 Night
DITL Nebulae #39 The USS Voyager encountered this nebula in 2372.20 Maneuvers
DITL Nebulae #41 Voyager encountered this nebula in the Delta Quadrant in 2376.21 The Haunting of Deck Twelve
DITL Nebulae #42 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2377.22 Drive
DITL Nebulae #43 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2377.23 Flesh and Blood, Part 1
DITL Nebulae #44 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2376.24 Good Shepherd
DITL Nebulae #45 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2376.25 Life Line
DITL Nebulae #46 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2377.26 Nightingale
DITL Nebulae #48 Voyager encountered this nebula in 2375.27 The Disease
DITL Nebulae #49 The Borg concealed a major transwarp hub within this nebula.28 Endgame, Part 1
DITL Nebulae #50 This nebula was encountered by Captain Sisko in 2374. It contained at least one Class M planet.29 Rocks and Shoals
DITL Nebulae #51 This nebula lies on the Romulan neutral zone. The Enteprise-E passed it whilst patrolling the border in 2373 during the Borg attack on Earth.30 Star Trek : First Contact
DITL Nebulae #54 This nebula was in the area where Spock's ship emerged from the black hole.31 Star Trek XI
Gamma Erandi Nebula32 A stellar nursery, the Gamma Erandi Nebula generated high levels of subspace static and so interfered with subspace communications. In 2367 the USS Enterprise-D conducted a study of the nebula shortly after the trade agreements conference on Betazed. The subspace interference prevented the ship from picking up a distress call sent by Commander Riker when he was being held captive on a Ferengi vessel.32 Menage a Troi
Helaspont Nebula33 A nebula located near the Federation-Tzenkethi border. It was approximately twenty hours travel from Barisa Prime at high warp. The USS Ulysses studied protoplanetary masses in the Helaspont Nebula in 2371.33 The Adversary
Horsehead Nebula34 A backup copy of Voyager's EMH once claimed that B'Elanna had a chip on her shoulder the size of the horsehead nebula.34 Living Witness
Hugora Nebula35 A nebula located in the Demilitarised Zone between the Federation and Cardassia. Picard planned to hide ships within the Hugora nebula as part of a plat to ambush a Maquis force in 2370.35 Preemptive Strike
Jenkata Nebula36 A Gamma Quadrant nebula which is located near to both the Obatta cluster and the Teplan system. Major Kira avoided detection by a Jem'Hadar patrol by hiding in the Jenkata nebula.36 The Quickening
Kolarus III Nebula5 A nebula in the vicinity of the planet Kolarus III.5 Star Trek : Nemesis
Lantar Nebula37 A Gamma Quadrant nebula which is near to the planet Hoek IV. Q offered to take Vash to the Lantar nebula in 2369, though she declined the offer.37 Q-Less
MacPherson Nebula38 A supernova remnant located approximately twelve hours away from the Cordannas system at warp 9. The USS Enterprise-D used detonated a modified photon torpedo in the MacPherson nebula to produce a large quantity of vertion particles in 2370.38 Emergence
Mar Oscura nebula39 A dark matter nebula explored by the Enterprise-D in 2367. Fragments of the dark matter within the nebula caused parts of the ship to phase as they passed through it.39 In Theory
McAllister C-5 Nebula40 A protostellar nebula located within Cardassian space some 7 light years from the border and 11 light years from Minos Korva. The particle flux inside the nebula is so severe that ships cannot remain within for more than 72 hours. In 2369 the Cardassians hid a fleet within the McAllister nebula in readiness for an attack on Minos Korva. Fortunately Captain Jellico was able to uncover the plot after detecting slight traces of damage on a Cardassian ship, and subsequently mined the nebula to force the withdrawal of the fleet.40 Chain of Command, Part 2
Mutara Nebula41 A nebula located in the Mutara sector, close to the Regula planetoid. It has sufficient static discharge and gas to prevent shields and tactical display systems from functioning. In 2285 the Mutara nebula was largely destroyed when the Genesis Device was detonated within it by Khan Noonien Singh. The matter of the nebula was converted into the Genesis planet.41 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Necrit Expanse This large expanse lay at the edge of the area which Neelix was familiar with.42 Fair Trade
Ngame Nebula43 A nebula which the USS Enterprise-D expected to pass on the way to the Evadne system in 2367.43 Clues
Omarion Nebula44 A nebula in the Gamma Quadrant, the Omarion nebula was the home of a rouge planet which served as homeworld to the Founders. The Founders once sent a hundred of their infants out into the galaxy to explore, implanting within each a strong compulsion to return one day to the Omarion nebula. In 2371 Odo obeyed this compulsion, travelling to the nebula after the Defiant was captured by Jem'Hadar forces.45 Later that year a Romulan-Cardassian fleet travelled to the nebula to attack the planet. The fleet was destroyed by a Jem'Hadar force hiding within the nebula.46 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
Ordek Nebula47 A nebula which is home to the Wogneer creatures. Captain Picard once risked his life to save the Wogneer.47 Allegiance
Orpisay nebula48 The Orpisay nebula is also a star nursery in the Delta Quadrant. In 2376 Icheb was able to enhance Voyager's long range sensors to detect a star forming in the nebula.48 Child's Play
Paulson Nebula49 A nebula located within Federation space near Zeta Alpha II. It is composed of 82% dilithium hydroxyls, magnesium, chromium and various other elements - components which make it difficult to operate sensors. In 2366 the Enterprise-D hid from a Borg cube within the Paulson Nebula, until it was forced out by magnetometric guided charges.49 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Robinson nebula50 A dark matter discovered by the NX-01 in 2153. It was named for A.G. Robinson, the first Human to travel at Warp 2.50 First Flight
Rolor Nebula51 A nebula located near the Demilitarized Zone between the Federation and Cardassia. It is between the Bajor and Dreon systems, requiring ships travelling between the two to detour around it. In 2372 Captain Sisko questioned Kasidy Yates on the routes she took around the nebula.51 For the Cause
Tibor Nebula52 A nebula located in Federation space. It was the site of a battle when Starfleet's 7th Fleet tried to close a Dominion supply line running through Betazoid space into the Argolis cluster.52 The Reckoning
Tong Beak Nebula53 A nebula on the border between the Klingon Empire and Cardassia. In 2373 General Martok ordered the Rotarran to go around the nebula, fearing a confrontation with the Jem'Hadar. The diversion added a day to the ship's mission to find survivors from the B'Moth. The decision was unpopular with the crew, who correctly thought that it indicated cowardice on Martok's part.53 Soldiers of the Empire
Vodrey Nebula54 A nebula the border between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, near to the Maranga system. In 2370 the stellar dynamics department of the USS Enterprise-D conducted a study of the nebula after a rendezvous with the USS Kearsarge was delayed.54 Firstborn
Volterra Nebula55 A stellar nursery which contains dozens of protostars in different stages of development. In 2369 the USS Enterprise-D did a three week analysis of the nebula.55 The Chase

Name :A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
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15 VOY 4 Mortal Coil
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20 VOY 2 Maneuvers
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22 VOY 7 Drive
23 VOY 7 Flesh and Blood, Part 1
24 VOY 6 Good Shepherd
25 VOY 6 Life Line
26 VOY 7 Nightingale
27 VOY 5 The Disease
28 VOY 7 Endgame, Part 1
29 DS9 6 Rocks and Shoals
30 Star Trek : First Contact
31 Star Trek XI
32 TNG 3 Menage a Troi
33 DS9 3 The Adversary
34 VOY 4 Living Witness
35 TNG 7 Preemptive Strike
36 DS9 4 The Quickening
37 DS9 1 Q-Less
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39 TNG 4 In Theory
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