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Title : Star Trek: The Next Generation - Echoes from the Past
Developer : Sega
Publisher : Sega
Certificate : E
Platforms : Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis
Year : 1994
Rating : 3.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : SmoophDr Rating : 3
Review : The hours I spent on this game. Not in the way that you might think. In terms of gaming there is relatively little value here. Game play is humdrum at best. Initially you receive a distress call from a Vulcan on some moon. Long story, short: you beam down onto a 2d map that allows up, down, left, right movement and you phaser all the Romulans wreaking havoc. Leaving you get attacked automatically by an orbiting Romulan scout ship. After you get a feel for the tactical aspect of combat it is relatively easy to put any number of enemy ships down... Therein lies one of two redeeming features of the game. Since you can only be engaged by any two ships at once, it is possible (and I have spent many hours trying to figure out if there was a potential limit to which there is not) to put Romulan Warbird after War bird on ice. My personal best is 17+ hours of Jolt Cola fueled action. I lost count after 75 down but that was a couple of hours into it. That's right kiddies, none of that Rockstar crap. Anyway, the rest of the gameplay varies from unintuitive tediousness to the frustrating beauty of the completely daft. The other and more noteworthy feature is that within the ship's virtual computer terminal there is a surprisingly good overview of some basic physics and astral phenomenon. A really good set of Wikipedias to look up some up the real since that is covered. There is also a good amount of general trek info held within the files. This game is worth $10, maybe $20 USD just for the experience of "sinking" the whole Romulan fleet and taking a peek at that library. If you happen across the rom... all the better.
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