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Title : Star Trek: Legacy
Developer : Mad Doc Software
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Certificate : E10+
Platforms : Windows, Xbox 360
Year : 2006
Rating : 2.5641 for 39 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Adm Braden Rating : 2
Review : Helm, about turn, fire photonic torpedoes and phase cannons. ALL this game is, and I mean all this game is, more and more combat, you are thrown litterally in the first mission into combat. This game does break a lot of canon, as did ENT, and quite frankly this is terrible, the whole storyline is one of the ideas that was made to explain the Borg, and V'Ger, utterly pointless.
Reviewer : Trek 17 Rating : 4
Review : This game at first seemed like a real loser. It deserves a chance as it comes to grow on you. The controls are very sloppy nd the options are very limited. All of this said, the game really grows on you.
Reviewer : JamJas Rating : 3
Review : All in all, good game. 'IF' you are able to get past the bugs that may not even let you start the game. The Legacy website forum has many good suggestions that may help those in need. Recommend reading thru a few pages of that forum before you purchase game. Once it gets going, its nice. I'd have to agree that the controls tend to be a little sloppy, also sluggish. Disregarding cannon is annoying but, if you can get past that (and the occasional systems crash) its not shabby. Once it works, its lots of fun to fly around the 3d environment and blast opponents to hell!
Reviewer : Shockwave4312 Rating : 4
Review : Upon initial release, the game felt imcomplete. All the hype and supposed features made Legacy appear to be the most promising Trek game ever. Unfortunately the game was rushed out the door and at first, suffered mightily. Multiplayer options offered great potential for fun factor, but even that aspect has proven hit and miss, even with the release of an official patch. However, upon repeated play it is an entertaining combat game. As with recent Star Trek game releases the game is being heavily modified by the fan community. It is for that fact alone, and with some dedicated fans continuing to add newer ships, abilities, effects to the game, that I rate it as high as I have, that will make Legacy a sleeper hit. If only the developers had put as much effort as the fans have.
Reviewer : Scooter Rating : 2
Review : The graphics are gorgeous, the ship modeling is outstanding, and the damage modeling is impressive. Who cares if they violate canon. Games are supposed to do that anyway, due to their open-ended nature. However, the interface needs to be torn down and revamped. Starfleet Command had an excellent interface, and keyboard shortcuts. You wanted sensors, there was a key combination. You wanted to change targets, you could. Legacy has the potential to be an excellent game. But with the interface that it has, the fact that you need better than a 128MB video card to support it, and the too-small engagement areas with out of scale planets, it left me frustrated; even after downloading and installing the mods available for it. Bethesda should have had extensive beta testing before releasing the game to go over these particular issues, and correct them before release.
Reviewer : ImmodicusFuror Rating : 3
Review : I have given this game a three only because it includes the XBOX 360 version as well as the PC version. The 360 version is excellent; the controls work smoothly, the graphics are incredible, and it is just plain awesome to have a game where you can control any ship from the NX class to the Sovereign class. The storyline is pretty decent, if unimaginative (the V'Ger/Borg connection has been explored in many Trek novels, including the in the "Shatnerverse"). The PC version, however, is completely killed by perhaps the worst controls I have ever had the horror of using in a game. If these controls were remapped properly for the PC, it could be a decent game. The only major con both version suffer from together is the impact physics and scaling- ugh! Starships do not bounce off each other and planets! Moons are not the size of a Defiant class vessel! The idea was great, the execution was terrible.
Reviewer : Dark Jedi Rating : 0
Review : This game must be the worst Star Trek game I ever had the misfortune to plat. The PC version is almost unplayable, the controls are useless, most of the interesting features that where promised have been cut out. It is advertised as a real time strategy game. That it is NOT. It is a sloppily ported brainless console shooter that should never have made it's appearance as a PC game to say nothing about calling this crap a Star Trek game. Red alert, shields up and make as many evasive maneuvers as you can to stay clear of this abomination.
Reviewer : Moonprince Rating : 2
Review : The story line is crap, the control's suck, but the graphics and the sound is great. The ability to fly so many diffrent ships is awwsome. I had wished I had waited and got this game thur someone else. It was not worth the money I paided for it.
Reviewer : Andrew Rating : 1
Review : What can I say? I'm disappointed. The graphics were okay, the playing was marginal, the controls were atrocious, the options were nonexistant. This game was released on both console and PC paltforms. I'd wager that the PC version was just the console version adapted. The graphics are dumbed down and the controls are akward. And what's worse- you CAN'T CHANGE THE CONTROLS setup! You can't!
Reviewer : Judge King Rating : 5
Review : This game isn't that good. But as with Bridge Commander, once you start adding mods to the game it gets better. The multiplayer and skirmish modes are the best modes in the game in my humble opinion. This game doesn't feel all that complete to me withot mods.
Reviewer : Tom Roostan Rating : 2
Review : I've got the 360 version of the game, which contains fewer errors than the PC counterpart does. The game itself is passable, but certainly has none of those sparkling features that you may have hoped for. The graphics are there, but nothing to be overwhelmed with. The plot is there, but it plays out more like a fanfiction than a reasonable gameplay storyline. The combat system is there and the controls work well (for the 360 that is) but there's no tactical aspect. There are no shield grids but simply one shield covering the whole ship. No seperate phaser arcs but one unified weapons power supply. There's a lack of any features to spice up the game, there's no collison detection, objects will simply bounce away from each other. The explosions arn't particularly interesting or amazing and the voiceovers are dull and monotonal. The game serves its purposes well enough, but there's nothing to make it shine, those with the PC version may well be able to get more out of it as the modding community kicks in, but Bridge Commander had a better base to build from and the community has already made the game much more than it used to be. It gets the job done, nothing more, nothing less.
Reviewer : Flute Rating : 2
Review : It's an alright game, but there's too much combat, and not enough of a tactical aspect. Also, if you do 1-to-1 ship combat--that's what I like to play--the game always picks the battleship (i.e. Galaxy, Warbird), even if you put available command points to its lowest. In addition to that, there's barely a tactical aspect to the game. Pretty much, it's your stats versus your opponents; so if you're in a Steamrunner class vessel and you go up against a Warbird you can't use a strategy to win. On Bridge Commander for example I'd take out the engines then go into a blind spot and let loose all my weapons, but I digress. Or you might try to go in an asteroid field to try to have a battleship class collide with every other asteroid, but the ship conviently dodges its way past all of them so they don't collide. Oh, and speaking of asteroids, they put too many in, and nebulas too. It may just be me, but I don't think every system has a nebula in it. And, don't get me started with the controls. Now to the good points, I like the ship graphics and the damage graphics are very good, and even the dreaded nebulas look real. Plus, I think it's cool that you could get all of the actors that portrayed the captains to do a voiceover. That's pretty much all of the nice things! All, in all, it's good for the graphics and sound.
Reviewer : Rizulli Rating : 1
Review : While I was never able to finish the game because my computer didn't meet the minimum requirements I was extremely disappointed with the physics in this game. it is not possible to turn the ship laterally 360 degrees. It goes so it is pointing straight up and then it stops. Its SPACE! You can rotate your ship 360 degrees in all directions. There is other problems with it but that one bugged me the most. After playing Homeworld and Klingon Academy I'm used to a certain level of "realism"
Reviewer : Hattix Rating : 2
Review : Mein gott, so the German version might say. Now I've got no problem at all with revisionist history, the Star Trek universe has had more than its fair share of screwing with its own past. The story line of STL is quite compelling really, if very light. It's a short story, not the epic we'd otherwise expect. It has no depth and starts very slowly. This, however, is not the problem. The problem is moronic mission design and poor controls. The controls are normalised to a 2D plane, this isn't much of a problem but it can get clumsy when trying to hit something above or below. The first few missions are tutorial and plain worthless, both as missions and as tutorials. You'll learn simply by trying and failing. Failing lots of times.................... The game is completely ruined by just one mission, the first in the post-TMP era, just before TNG. You're leading the Stargazer under Picard and you have to blow up a bunch of asteroids before they hit planets. No problem so far. One asteroid, a REALLY big one, will not blow up. You tractor smaller ones into its path and though the voiceover SAYS its been blown up, it actually does not, so proceeds to blow the planet up. This one mission highlights everything wrong with the game in one easy step. NO in-mission saving. You must start each mission all over again, which gets very old very fast. The missions are clumsily designed and objectives as clear as mud..................... Is there any good at all to this game? There is, just. The visuals are the best we've yet seen, rivaling the SFX of the actual show and often exceeding it. Once you get used to the control system (and I use 'system' lightly here, it's more random key assignments) it's pretty easy to work around its numerous flaws and do what you want to do, more or less.................... It's a stinker. Plain and simple, an absolute stinker. If you want starship strategy, get Armada. Ignore this pile of trash and pretend it never happened.
Reviewer : MC Rating : 3
Review : Having been promised a 'next-gen' game I was opptimistic about Legacy, featuring all the captains from every the series, high powered graphics, sounded too good to be was. Despite help from some of foremost modders from the Bridge Commander community, not everything is as good as hoped. Sprites for weapons? Come on! Simple things like glows showing through asteroids, ship models based on 4 year old BC mods. The Borg thread of the story isn't very plausible, and only based on the Enterprise captains. It seems Kate and Avery were forgotten about, then rushed in at the end (Avery Brooks sounds like he'd just got up!) Gameplay almost entirely combat based, so the clunky camera and ship controls are disappointing but you can get used to them. However, despite it's faults it does have its good points. Some of the ships do look impressive and with a good computer (something I dont have), some epic battles can be fought. The Captain Archer section also is without fault in my opinion as the Romulan war was something I hoped would come up in the series, but didn't come to fruition, and was fun to play out. Finally there's the games modding potential. As it's based on the Armarda II engine, it didn't take long for new and improved ships to appear (the filefront site mentioned above is the most useful). In conclusion a decent game, but not without many flaws. I don't blame the game team, Berthesda is more at fault. The lack of support and better development was probably due to Oblivion probably taking most of the attention at the time. If it was released on a budget, or even just £30 rather than the riddiculous £40, it's worth it. Now is the best time to get it if your thinking about it, the price has come down (pre-owned i've seen it for a tenner!), and the modding community is about to come into it's own. 7/10
Reviewer : DANIEL Rating : 2
Review : The game is interseting even when you first start in the 22nd Century. The only wrong is when the NX Class Starship when from the grapplers to the tractor beams why didn't they installed a prototype shield generator. It would've also been when nice if 22nd Century levels when longer where you play against the Xindi before the Romulan Star Empire. In the skrimish I wish the Klingon D-5 Battlecruiser was also adding to the list. I've enjoy the game it had its moments . I hope they game another Star Trek Game and also adding the Xindi like Star Trek Encounters on the PS2.
Reviewer : MetalHead Rating : 3
Review : On its own, Legacy is a bit lame. An interesting campagin that in many places is unbelieveably unfair and unrealistic even for Trek. However. the "Ultimate Universe" Mod makes this game into something you get so addicted to that you can't put it down. Get it for PC. Only probolem I have is if I touch the mouse wheel, it freezes! :-O
Reviewer : ThomasJBryant Rating : 2
Review : I have this for Windows. It's... well... okay. I have a few additional ships from a modding site. I'll play this when I want something bigger than ST: Armada 2 and I don't want to play Encounters on PS2. I was also one of those fools who rushed out to buy hardware to support this game (and enhance another I play). I do not recommend investing more money than you should, unless you have the patience to work through the issues, accept the crappy controls, etc. Overall, great game ... until you play it. Especially if you hate breaking cannon!
Reviewer : Captain Champion Rating : 3
Review : This game is.. a ok game. it takes knplage of game moding to make this game fun. you can change many aspects of the game, even create new starships. but there is a giant non-cannon. the game needs to be.. bigger
Reviewer : MirrorGarak Rating : 1
Review : Mad Doc Software used the old Armada II engine to produce another game in the Star Trek Francise. As a result of using a RTS engine it is not possible to move 360 degree. While flying to another ship or planet the "effect" looks dump. Ship models look very good. However the game spares money at every point possible. In germany there is even no intro movie. In comparison to Star Trek Bridge Commander, Kobajashi Maru Mod, you have much less options. Positive issue: Ships are cannon. The story is weak, thought. While there are the voices of all series Captains, there are no grafic szenes with them. As with all Mad Doc Software game: It simply doesn´t make fun, until you fixed it with a mod.
Reviewer : No Moe Rating : 3
Review : Star Trek Legacy is not bad as these people say it is. Their are ships not even seen in any of the shows. The captains voices are great and the graphics itself are alright (compared to Halo 3 they stink). It could use tune up like controls are easier to work, some special features of Starships (like saucer seperation, or warp core ejection). Maybe for races like the Dominion, Tholions, Ferengi, Etc. And it is not purely combat, it you do the campaign mode.
Reviewer : Reliant121 Rating : 3
Review : I think Legacy has recieved a bad press. It doesn't help that the PC version was shipped with numerous faults, some of which still havn't been corrected. It is dissapointing that Bethesda produced such a poor PC delivery. The controls are buggy and it eats up every little drop your computer has to offer. But go for the 360 and your in for a treat. Very few bugs, powerful graphics, a compelling, if a tad short, storyline, good skirmish options and many ways to beat the game. Overall, I would have a 1 for the PC and a 5 for the 360. So I have taken a average and given a score of 3.
Reviewer : Flynn Torve Rating : 3
Review : I've gotten re-addicted to this game with the addition of several mods. Initially the storyline was difficult, with several bugs along the way, most particularly the previously mentioned post-TMP/pre-TNG Asteroid mission. Graphics are impressive, if you have a computer that can accomodate them in their highest settings, storyline is a tad short and weak. Game interface is clunky at best, while you can get used to it, it's so off the norm that it takes quite a while. Give it a try and form your own opinions, I think it's really going to come into it's own as the price has been dropping and the modders are starting to correct several issues Bethesda has still ignored.
Reviewer : Kalor Rating : 4
Review : I quite liked the game. Ita full of faults and flaws, but there are some really nice touches in there too. Controls are frustrating, but once you get the hang of them they are far smoother than the manual control in Bridge Commander- in fact there are a number of combat maneouvers that you can do in this that you cannot in Bridge Commander or Klingon Academy (KA being in myt belief the best Trek game of this type.) The ships handle pretty well with fairly accurate weapon loads and there are plenty of ships- almost every major and minior ship of the principle races is featured. Sure the story isn't canon and makes a few contradictory points, but its not that bad and it does make a degree of sense if you consider the Vulcan mindset. To me the biggest flaw is almost non existant fleet control- every ship has to be individually ordered to do something, on the PC at least the fleet controls do nothing as far as I can tell. Also it would be nice to have fleets mixed from different races- a mixed Fed/Klingon fleet for example. Also DS9 and Voyager campaigns would have been nice as well as Romulan, Klingon and Borg ones. A game worthy of a try by anyone in my opinion. It has some big flaws, but there are some truly great moments within too.
Reviewer : Titan1080 Rating : 2
Review : This game would have gotten a 3 if I happened to meet ONE person on Xbox Live playing this game. That said, graphics are pretty good, except for TINY planets. I think the physics engine leaves a LOT to be desired, but it's nice to hear the actors reprising their roles. If you have the patience, it'll grow on you, until you finish the campaign, then it will sit on your shelf, or in a used bin at Gamestop or something. Fragging AI-controlled ships gets old, and all of my friends laugh at me when I suggest a split-screen battle. If you can score one under $20, then the Xbox version is worth the time.
Reviewer : PhoenixFire1985 Rating : 1
Review : While the choice of ships is excellent and the weapons fire fairly realistic this game just ended up being very unimaginative. All of the missions are more or less the same and once you've played one, you've played them all in terms of what you can actually do. Where the game really loses it's credibility is the V'ger connection. We know from Star Trek: First Conact that the Borg were in the Delta Quadrant way before the V'Ger incident. This game is good for what it is, but nowhere near as good as what it could have been if anyone had bothered to use a little more imagination and actually paid attention to the story.
Reviewer : please specifiy Rating : 2
Review : my dad got my this for me as a presant and I already need a new grathics card for my poor old computer.looks good thouth hope its better when Iplay it.
Reviewer : please specifiy Rating : 4
Review : the game seems to work now. it is qwite hard and the controls are difficult to use.But it is very injoyable and the skirmiches are great fun it does put a strain on your computer thouth i mean it took two minites to open internet.over all very very good game.
Reviewer : pulpytine Rating : 4
Review : An underrated game...for the most part. To any avid Star Trek fan, this is a dream come true. To a casual fan or gamer...not so much. PC version is eh. XBox 360 version is substantially better. If I were advising someone on which version to get, I'd recommend the XBox 360 version. Multiplayer is good.
Reviewer : James Tobias Rating : 0
Review : Yuck I actually paid for this? Poor controls, badly pitched difficulty levels, not one I remotely enjoyed. I'm just glad I only paid five pounds in the sales if I'd paid forty...
Reviewer : JimbobHarrigan Rating : 3
Review : the gameplay was alright but some missions were too difficult at times, plus the borg storyline was pointlessly awful.the borg should have really owned but they were way too easy to beat at times. the jostling for position to fire phasers and torpedoes i could handle but next time there is a star trek game out like legacy make it Canon with the tv series please.
Reviewer : CAPT.JTK Rating : 3
Reviewer : Admiral_Phoenix Rating : 3
Review : Decent gameplay and interface, but the missions are far too difficult for what they should be, and does not stay cannon.
Reviewer : Admiral_Phoenix Rating : 3
Review : The game is much better with the Ultimate Universe mod, but still is difficult.
Reviewer : J-Man Rating : 5
Review : The only reason I'm giving this game a 5 is because of the UU 1.5 mod and the fact that I've learned to go right into the game files and customize almost any ship/weapon stats to almost no limits! I've turned the Galaxy class starship into my own invincible "Omega Class" starship with cloaking device & cloak detection, instantaneous repair & shield regeneration, speed/maneuverability of a small scout vessel, phasers with limitless range and one-hit kill stats for all vessels, more than nine BILLION custom quantum torpedos with no reload time and rapid fire capabilities, and on and on oh my gosh it's SAWEEET!! I've always watched the tv shows and DREAMED of the "invincible" Federation ship and here it is in my own customized ship on STL WOOHOOO!!
Reviewer : beserene Rating : 2
Review : Well, i keep it short: if you install a good mod the game can be quite fun. Especially by graphic and sound, the overall Star Trek feeling is there, but sadly nothing more. The controls are one of the most dumbest i've seen so far. The game seriously leaks gameplay depth, mission design, or anything that's supposed to make fun in the long run.
Reviewer : mate123 Rating : 3
Review : good game but it's not the best in the first hour is very interesting but after that tis game is boring
Reviewer : Blaston Phools Rating : 0
Review : Unless your an insanly devoted Star Trek fan you will become very tired of this games BS control set-up. The graphics are adequate for a conole or PC but if the gameplays not as good then its a complete waste of what could have been a somewhat half-decent space shooter and thats me being nice. Its a bit like they took Star Trek bridge commander and then removed all the positives and left the base metals. This game is the "Plan 9 from Outer Space" of console/PC games... Avoid.. Like.. The.. Plague!!!
Reviewer : Rating : 5
Review : Brilliant!
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