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Title : Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Video Game)
Developer : Konami
Publisher : Ultra Games
Certificate : E
Platforms : Nintendo Entertainment System
Year : 1992
Rating : 3.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : third_of_trees Rating : 3
Review : Ahh... I have this one. It was really fun when I was a kid, but playing it now, it's kinda dull. Controls are a little awkward, but the missions are kinda fun.
Reviewer : Rob from Japan Rating : 4
Review : I used to love this game. When I was a kid it was one of my favorites, and I still hold it in high esteem. I give it a four. Granted it probably wouldn't stand up to todays games, but for it's time it was great. I figure a four would do well in averaging out how good it was with how I might perceive it now. It's been 16/17 years since I've played it, but I can still remember some parts of it. I recall the controls were a little difficult to work sometimes, but that was offset by the fact that it had such an interactive story and game play (again, for it's time). If I remember correctly you were able to pick and choose who went on the away missions, and who carried what items. That was pretty good for the time. If I'm wrong, sorry, but like I said, it's been 16/17 years.
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