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Click on the name of a game to see the reviews that have been submitted, or to add your own review. Clicking on a platform will show you a list of games for that platform.

TitleUp Developer Publisher Certificate Platforms Year Rating #Reviews
Galaxy Trek Larry E. Jordan Capital PC Software Exchange Not rated MS-DOS 1982 - 0
Netrek Open source Open source Not rated Cross platform 1972 - 0
Star Trek (arcade game) Sega Sega Not rated Sega G80 1982 - 0
Star Trek (script game) Don Daglow Digital Equipment Not rated PDP10 1972 - 0
Star Trek (text game) Mike Mayfield Open source Not rated Cross platform 1971 - 0
Star Trek Hidden Evil Empire Activision E Windows 2002 2.0000 1
Star Trek Pinball Interplay Interplay E Windows 1998 - 0
Star Trek Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates Taldren Interplay E PSP, Windows 2001 3.6667 3
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Computer Game) Interplay Interplay E Amiga, Macintosh, MS-DOS 1992 4.5000 4
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Video Game) Konami Ultra Games E Nintendo Entertainment System 1992 3.5000 2
Star Trek: Armada Activision Activision E Windows 2000 4.3000 10
Star Trek: Armada II Mad Doc Software Activision E Windows 2001 3.6000 15
Star Trek: Away Team Activision Activision T Windows 2001 1.6000 5
Star Trek: Birth of the Federation Microprose Hasbro E Windows 1999 4.1667 6
Star Trek: Borg Simon & Schuster Simon and Schuster T Macintosh, Windows 1996 3.5000 2
Star Trek: Bridge Commander Totally Games Activision E Windows 2002 4.1765 17
Star Trek: Conquest 4J Studios Bethesda E Play Station 2, Wii 2007 1.7143 7
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars Gizmo Games Games Simon & Schuster E Windows 2001 2.6000 5
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Harbinger Stormfront Studios Viacom NewMedia E Macintosh, Windows 1996 1.0000 1
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen The Collective, Inc. Simon & Schuster T Macintosh, Windows 2000 2.0000 2
Star Trek: Encounters 4J Studios Bethesda Softworks E10+ Play Station 2 2006 2.8750 8
Star Trek: Generations Microprose Microprose T Windows 1997 3.0000 1
Star Trek: Invasion Warthog Activision E Play Station 2000 4.0000 2
Star Trek: Judgment Rites Interplay Interplay E Macintosh, Windows 1993 4.0000 2
Star Trek: Klingon Hilary Bader Simon and Schuster M Windows 1996 4.0000 2
Star Trek: Klingon Academy 14 Degrees East Interplay T Windows 2000 4.2500 4
Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard MicroProse Hasbro Interactive M Macintosh, Play Station 2, Windows 1998 1.0000 1
Star Trek: Legacy Mad Doc Software Bethesda Softworks E10+ Windows, Xbox 360 2006 2.5641 39
Star Trek: New Worlds 14 Degrees Interplay E Windows 2000 1.8000 5
Star Trek: Phaser Strike Milton Bradley Milton Bradley Not rated Microvision 1979 - 0
Star Trek: Shattered Universe Starsphere Interactive, Inc. TDK Mediactive E Play Station 2, Xbox 2004 3.1250 8
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (video game) Interplay Interplay E Macintosh, Sega Mega Drive, Super NES, Windows 1994 3.8000 5
Star Trek: Starfleet Command Quicksilver Software Interplay E Windows 1999 4.0000 4
Star Trek: Starfleet Command II Taldren Interplay E Windows 2001 3.6667 6
Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Taldren Activision E Windows 2002 3.3636 11
Star Trek: Tactical Assault Quicksilver Software Bethesda Softworks E Nintendo DS, PSP 2006 3.2500 4
Star Trek: The Next Generation Sega Sega E Sega Game Gear 1994 - 0
Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity MicroProse Spectrum HoloByte E Macintosh, MS-DOS 1995 3.0000 4
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Echoes from the Past Sega Sega E Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis 1994 3.0000 1
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Future's Past Spectrum Holobyte BPS E Super NES 1993 3.0000 2
Star Trek: Voyager - The Arcade Game Team Play Team Play Not rated Arcade game 2002 3.0000 1
Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Raven Software Activision T Macintosh, Play Station 2, Windows 2000 4.4545 11
Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force II Ritual Entertainment Activision T Macintosh, Windows 2003 3.5000 8
Trivial Pursuit Video - Star Trek Edition Horn Abbot Ltd Telstar Video Entertainement E Super NES, VHS 1995 - 0

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