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service history
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The Omega Glory


"A star captain's most solemn oath is that he will give his life, even his entire crew, rather than violate the Prime Directive." - Kirk to His log
"Freedom? Freedom? That is a worship word. Yang worship. You will not speak it." - Cloud William to Krik
"We've got to stay alive. Let the Yangs kill us and destroy what we have to offer and we'll have committed a crime against all humanity. I'd say that's slightly more important than the Prime Directive, wouldn't you, Jim?" - Tracey to Kirk
"They sacrificed hundreds just to draw us out in the open! And then they came... and they came! We drained four of our phasers, and they still came! We killed thousands and they still came!" - Tracey to Kirk
"You have a well-trained bridge crew, Captain. My compliments." - Tracey to Kirk
"I caution you, gentlemen, don't fight me here. I'll win. Or at worst, I'll drag you down with me." - Tracey to Kirk
"I am Cloud William, chief. Also son of chief. Guardian of the holies, speaker of the holy words, leader of warriors. Many have died, but this is the last of the Kohm places. What is ours, is ours again." - Cloud William
"He was cast out! Don't you recognise the Evil One? Who else would trick you with your own sacred words? Let your God strike me dead if I lie. But he won't, because I speak for him!" - Tracey to Cloud William
"...Liberty and freedom have to be more than just words." - Kirk to Spock; justifing yet another prime directive violation

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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