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Message in a Bottle


Series : Voyager Rating : 5
Disc No : 4.4 Episode : 82
First Aired : 21 Jan 1998 Stardate : 51462
Director : Nancy Malone Year : 2374
Writers : Rick Williams Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Andy Dick as EMH Mark 2
Judson Scott as Romulan Commander Rekar
Tiny Ron as Idrin
Tony Sears as Prometheus officer
Valerie Wildman as Nevala


Voyager uses an alien communications relay to transmit the EMH's program to a Federation starship in the Beta Quadrant. On arrival, he finds himself on a new and highly advanced warship fitted with all the latest gadgetry - including the EMH 2, his own sucessor. Unfortunately, the Romulan Tal'Shiar have stolen the ship and are taking it home to Romulus.
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