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Series : Voyager Rating : 2
Disc No : 3.6 Episode : 66
First Aired : 14 May 1997 Stardate : 50912.4
Director : Allan Kroeker Year : 2373
Writers : Lisa Klink Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Deborah Levin as Ensign Lang
James Noah as Rislan
Kenneth Tigar as Dammar
Lawrence Rosenthal as Ensign Molina
Mark L. Taylor as Jarleth
Nancy Youngblut as Taleen
YATI : In this episode our heroes improvise a couple of phaser weapons. When Tom and B'Elanna hide out in the Argala habitat, B'Elanna announces that they might get one more shot out of the weapon. A minute later one of the pursuing Nyrians collapses due to the cold, and she shoots another. Although both Nyrians are armed, neither Tom nor B'Elanna bother to pick up their weapons - instead they just run off with their own now non-functional weapon.
Factoid : The 148 crew count we got last episode is confirmed in this one.


When an alien appears on board Voyager at the same moment that Kes vanishes, he professes total innocence and surprise. Astoundingly, Janeway believes him even when more and more such swaps take place. Eventually the entire crew is gone, and Voyager is in alien hands.
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