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service history
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Distant Origin


Series : Voyager Rating : 5
Disc No : 3.6 Episode : 65
First Aired : 30 Apr 1997 Stardate : Unknown
Director : David Livingston Year : 2373
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Christopher Liam Moore as Tova Veer
Concetta Tomei as Minister Odala
Henry Woronicz as Gegen
John Tempoya as Kashimuro Nozawa
Marshal Teague as Haluk
Nina Minton as Frola
YATI : The episode "The '37s" gave a crew count of 152. Since then twelve people have either been confirmed killed; Seska also left (and was later killed), so the crew should be down to 139 or less. Yet this episode claims that there are 148 people on the ship. So... is Voyager picking up new crewmembers?
Factoid : We get a crew count again in this episode - 148.


An alien race descended from dinosaurs tracks down a ship from the long-lost planet of their origin; none other than the USS Voyager. But Voyagers existence contradicts some of their societies most basic beliefs, and the powers that be are willing to do almost anything to surpress the discovery - including destroying the evidence...
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