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Series : Voyager Rating : 2
Disc No : 3.3 Episode : 54
First Aired : 11 Dec 1996 Stardate : 50425.1
Director : Alexander Singer Year : 2373
Writers : Brannon Braga Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Albie Selznick as Tak Tak Michael Fiske as Garan miner
Guest Reviews :
Rating : 2.3333 for 3 reviewsView existing reviewsAdd your own review


When metre-wide viruses invade Voyager and incapacitate the crew, Action Kate straps on a phaser rifle and starts the slaughter. But can she get rid of the beasties before an alien species destroy the ship to prevent them from spreading?

Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 2,059 Last updated : 9 Oct 2003