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Series : Voyager Rating : 2
Disc No : 2.6 Episode : 38
First Aired : 8 Apr 1996 Stardate : 49578.2
Director : James L. Conway Year : 2372
Writers : Anthony Williams Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Marnie McPhail as Alcia
Richard Garon as Ensign Bennet
Richard Garon as Ensign Bennet
Sarah Rayne as Elani
Tahj D. Mowry as Corin
Tiffany Taubman as Tressa
YATI : So, are we supposed to believe that these people are adult sized when they are born? If so, how can anybody possibly give birth to a baby that is bigger than they are? Or do they start off small then grow to adult size before shrinking again? The whole thing was very poorly thought through.
Body Count : One Voyager crewmember killed in the shuttle crash. The three alien children apaprently die of natural causes.


Lieutenant Tuvok takes charge of some alien children after crash landing on an alien moon. But they are vanishing one by one, and these seems to be little he can do about it. Meanwhile, the aliens who own the moon seem more concerned with their traditions than their children - but for good reason as it turns out.
Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 19,237 Last updated : 21 Feb 2005