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Series : Voyager Rating : 1
Disc No : 2.3 Episode : 25
First Aired : 6 Nov 1995 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Alexander Singer Year : 2372
Writers : Larry Brody Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Douglas Spain as Young Chakotay
Henry Darrow as Kolopak
Joseph Palmas as Antonio
Nancy Hower as Ensign Samantha Wildman
Richard Chaves as Chief
Richard Fancy as Alien
YATI : I find it hard to believe that a species which has galaxy-crossing warp technology lives in caves and hates the exploitation of natural resources. I mean what do they build their ships out of, wood?


Chakotay relives his troubled youth as he encounters yet another group of aliens who visited Earth in the distant past.


Makes you wonder if earth used to be some sort of galactic tourist spot...
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