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Course: Oblivion


Series : Voyager Rating : 2
Disc No : 5.5 Episode : 112
First Aired : 3 Mar 1999 Stardate : 52586.3
Director : Anson Williams Year : 2375
Writers : Bryan Fuller Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Ethan Phillips as Demon Neelix
Garrett Wang as Demon Harry Kim
Jeri Ryan as Demon Seven of Nine
Kate Mulgrew as Demon Janeway
Robert Beltran as Demon Chakotay
Robert Duncan McNeil as Demon Paris
Robert Picardo as Demon EMH
Roxanne Dawson as Demon B'Elanna
Tim Russ as Demon Tuvok
YATI : As a sequel to "Demon", this episode makes little sense. In that episode Voyager left copies of it's crew behind on the Demon planet, copies who were desperate to remain behind and unable to live anywhere else. Now we're supposed to believe that not only did this all change for some reason, but they all forgot they were just copies and a fully functioning ship also appeared out of the silver stuff!
Great Moment : B'Elanna's death scene.
Body Count : Voyager's silver crew
Factoid : Director Anson Williams has also directed, amongst others, DS9 episode "Statistical Probabilities" and Voyager episode "Real Life".


The newleywed Paris and Torres's honeymoon is interrupted when Voyagers molecular cohesion begins to break down. But when the phenomenon begins to affect the crew as well as the ship, it leads to a discovery which profoundly shakes their very sense of themselves and may make their attempts to reach home meaningless.
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