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Spock's Brain


Series : The Original Series Rating : 0
Disc No : 3.1 Episode : 62
First Aired : 20 Sep 1968 Stardate : 5431.4
Director : Marc Daniels Year : 2268
Writers : Lee Cronin Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Eddie Paskey as Lieutenant Leslie
James Daris as Creature
Marj Dusay as Kara
Sheila Leighton as Luma
Moral :
Disaster : Even the best of writers can produce junk
YATI : When Kirk and his officers are captured by the women, they are rendered unconscious and sat on stools. Amazingly, they all manage to keep sitting on these stools the entire time they are unconscious.

Everyone treats Ion power like it's some amazing hyper-advanced technology in this episode. Yet in "The Menagerie, Part 1", we learn that the Enterprise's own shuttles are Ion powered!
Worst Moment : The vacuous stupidity of the women is really annoying.
Body Count : Zero
Factoid : This is often nominated by fans as the worst TOS episode ever.

This episode is a nominee for the DITL "Worst of Trek" award.


Incapacitated by a strange woman, the Enterprise crew awake to find that she has run off with Spock's brain. In a race against time, Kirk must locate the missing grey matter and reunite it with its body.


TOS makes an entry for the 'Worst of Trek' award.
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