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Cold Front


Series : Enterprise Rating : 4
Disc No : 1.3 Episode : 11
First Aired : 28 Nov 2001 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Robert Duncan McNeill Year : 2151
Writers : Stephen Beck, Tim Finch Season : 1
Guest Cast :
John Fleck as Silik
Joseph Hindy as Prah Mantoos
Lamont D. Thompson as Alien Pilgrim
Leonard Kelly-Young as Sonsorra
Matt Winston as Daniels
Michael O'Hagan as Captain Fraddock
Moral :
Trust : You never know who your friends are
YATI : When the bay opened, the wind buffeting Archer was far too wimpy. Air rushing into a vacuum moves at something like a thousand miles per hour, but this stuff was barely ruffling his hair!
Great Moment : Daniels' cryptic references to the future.
Body Count : Daniels was apparently killed.
Factoid : John Fleck probably doesn't look familiar under his makeup, but he played Abaddon in the Voyager episode "Alice", Ornithar in the Deep Space Nine episode "The Search Part 1", and Taibak in the The Next Generation episode "The Minds Eye".

Phlox also establishes that at least several Human religions still exist at this point in history.


While Enterprise is visiting a nebula the crew encounters a group of monks on a pilgramage to what they believe is a holy place. One of the monks apparently sabotages the ship's engines - but the act actually saves them from being destroyed by a storm a few hours later. Things get even stranger when one of Enterprise's crew suddenly announces to Archer that he is from the distant future, on a mission to capture the saboteur - who is none other than Silik, the Suliban soldier who tried to kill Archer at the Helix. The Captain finds himself in the middle of the temporal cold war - and far from certain which side he should be on.
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