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Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 1
Disc No : 4.2 Episode : 76
First Aired : 23 Oct 1995 Stardate : Unknown
Director : LeVar Burton Year : 2372
Writers : Jack Trevino, Toni Marberry Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Cyia Batten as Tora Ziyal
Marc Alaimo as Gul Dukat
Penny Johnson as Kasidy Yates
Roy Brocksmith as Razka
Thomas Prisco as Heler
YATI : So do the Breen use phasers, or disrupters? Kira claims that the hits on the Ravinok are phaser hits, yet in "Star Trek : Generations" Riker claims that the Breen use disrupters.
Quote : "You hew-mons, all you want to do is please your women. You want them to be your friends. But we Ferengi know better. Women are the enemy." - Quark to Sisko


Searching for a Bajoran freighter lost years ago, Major Kira and Gul Dukat discover a Breen prison camp. There Dukat finds his daughter, a half-Bajoran rejected by both sides during the occupation of Bajor by the Cardassians.

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