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The Jem'Hadar


Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 5
Disc No : 2.7 Episode : 45
First Aired : 12 Jun 1994 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Kim Friedman Year : 2370
Writers : Ira Steven Behr Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Alan Oppenheimer as Captain Keogh
Aron Eisenberg as Nog
Cress Williams as Third Talak'talan
Michael Jace as 1st officer
Molly Hagan as Eris
Sandra Grando as 2nd officer
Moral :
Suprises : Just because you can look after yourself in your neck of the woods doesn't mean you can't get a bloody nose when you leave your own back yard.
Great Moment : The destruction of the USS Odyssey
Body Count : The crew of the USS Odyssey, probably several hundred or so.
Factoid : Of course this episode introduces the Jem'Hadar, who will feature heavily in the future Dominion war.


On a routine trip into the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko and Quark are imprisoned by the Jem'Hadar, genetically engineered soldiers of the Dominion. Starfleet rides to the rescue - but in a pitched battle, the Jem'Hadar prove to have a considerable lead in both technology and determination.
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