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When it Rains...


Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 3
Disc No : 7.6 Episode : 170
First Aired : 5 May 1999 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Michael Dorn Year : 2375
Writers : Rene Echevarria, Spike Steingasser Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Andrew J. Robinson as Elim Garak
Barry Jenner as Admiral Ross
Casey Biggs as Damar
Colby French as Weldon
J. G. Hertzler as General Martok
John Vickery as Gul Rusot
Louise Fletcher as Winn Adami
Marc Alaimo as Gul Dukat
Robert O'Reilly as Gowron
Scott Burkholder as Hilliard
Stephen Yoakam as General Velal
Vaughn Armstrong as Glinn Seskal
YATI : Okay, so Kira is going to Cardassia to help the Cardassians form a rebel movement. She will stick out like a sore thumb with her Bajoran nose, and many Cardassians will hate her and not want to listen to her because she is Bajoran. Why didn't Bashir just make her look like a Cardassian?

Speaking of Bashir, he states that it is very difficult to keep a supply of synthetic organs on hand in a battlefield situation, and that "the holy grail of organ replacement is to be able to find a way to inject the patient with undifferentiated tissue, so that it can become whatever organ is needed." Yes, that's a real problem. If only there was something like a small pill one could give a person which would cause them to immediately grow a whole fully functional replacement organ like a kidney in just a few minutes! Like, say, the pill that Doctor McCoy gave to the old woman in the hospital in Star Trek IV. A technology that would be about a century old by Bashir's time!


The Cardassian rebellion continues, but they are ill prepared for a gurilla war against a vastly superior enemy. They need an expert in terrorist tactics - and fortunately, Sisko happens to have one to hand. But are the Cardassians willing to take orders from none other than Colonel Kira? Meanwhile, Bashir makes a startling discovery regarding Odo and the disease affecting the Founders.
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