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Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 2
Disc No : 6.2 Episode : 131
First Aired : 17 Nov 1997 Stardate : Unknown
Director : LeVar Burton Year : 2374
Writers : Michael Taylor Season : 6
Guest Cast :
John Towey as Vedek Ossan
Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys (Mirror)
Philip Anglim as Bareil Antos (Mirror)
YATI : I suspect that Sisko finds very little to actually do in that office of his. When O'Brien pages him to come to ops, the captain is out of his office within a couple of seconds. Almost like he was loitering just beyond the doors, just waiting for the call.


Kira faces a confusing situation when the Bareil from the Mirror universe appears in Ops requesting political asylum. But can he be trusted, or are his motives for being there more sinister?
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