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Scorpion, Part 2

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Title : Scorpion, Part 2 Rating : 5
First Aired : 3 Sep 1997 Stardate : 51003.7
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2374
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Season : 4
Rating : 4.8000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : BJH Rating : 4
Review : Perhaps something of a letdown compared to Part I, the conclusion is still very good.
Reviewer : Satan Rating : 5
Review : All in all, this episode lives up to the same quality established by part I. Great action sequences and a great story line to continue from part I. There was some nice continuity in here, Chakotay mentioning his experience with the ex-Borg in "Unity" and referencing Locutus when Janeway requested a Borg representative, something that the writers will conveniently forget the very next season in "Dark Frontier" when they begin their "Seven is the only Borg to escape the Collective" policy, despite everything we saw in TNG. The "Scorpion" episodes really brought Voyager into the prime of it's life, something that would only last until mid season 5 and just keep going downhill from there.
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 5
Review : Great episode! Plenty of action, a lot of conflict between the characters when needed, and the Borg were genuinely frightening (unlike some other occasions - "Descent" anyone?). Spp 8472 was something very alien, and that strangeness (first major CGI lifeform) added a lot to the episode. The interesting thing was the reversal of fortune. At first, the Little V was practically helpless alongside the mighty Cube, but with the loss of the Cube, then the new weapons, the Voyager's power grew and grew. Of course, this was also Seven of Nine's d├ębut. That caught me completely by surprise, a Borg about to become a major character. Still, she served a very effective role here, presumably to give the Borg a face and a voice (although that goes against their 'character', it works). Incidentally, all those defensive enhancements might have been very useful in dealing with future enemies, Janeway should have kept them. They also make good trophies - 'We beat the Borg and stole this from them' is quite a message for a hostile species. I suppose re-shooting all the stock footage would have been a bit inconvenient. Verdict, as good as Voyager gets. Well worth six months' wait!
Reviewer : mike Rating : 5
Review : This 2 Part episode was the first voyager episode i saw. I wondered how Janeway wasn't an Admiral before it was even over
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 5
Review : While I prefer the mystery, threat and sense of strangeness of part 1, it cannot be denied that Scorpion is not only the best of Voyager, it easily competes for the all-time best Trek episode. It's common for people to bash Voyager online but almost no-one is fool enough to bash this. I never saw "The Best of Both Worlds" the first time it was shown, I watched it on DVD quite recently after hearing all the hype, and while TBOBW is surely a classic, I found various silly dialogue moments and the sluggish action sequences made me wince. By contrast, Scorpion is chock full of standout sequences and unusually good dialogue for Trek, with only the "You're not just my Captain, you're my friend" bringing a cringe. This episode gives most of the cast something to do and allows Chakotay a shot at command during one of Voyager's worst crises; I must say I agreed with his viewpoint throughout both episodes and feel that Janeway was leading her crew to hell. Voyager leaves the material universe and barely manages to survive long enough to come back; the war between 8472 and the Borg is a grudge match which shakes the entire quadrant, and the mutual hatred is keenly felt by both sides, including the normally dispassionate Borg (who are clearly afraid of the species they have roused to war). Voyager at its finest, showing that the writers and actors, when given the chance to play havoc, have got what it takes.
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