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Cold Fire

Guest Reviews

Title : Cold Fire Rating : 4
First Aired : 13 Nov 1995 Stardate : 49164.8
Director : Cliff Bole Year : 2372
Writers : Anthony Williams Season : 2
Rating : 3.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 3
Review : Another half-decent story. I was beginning to wonder when they would run into the other Caretaker. I've heard Suggestions that there may be more of them about (remember the Edo God). Kes begins to develop a dark side, and makes her character a lot more interesting. Some moments were genuinely chilling - if I can say that about Tuvok's blood boiling. It's also curious that the Voyager might be considered to be a 'ship of death'. I'm not sure about the way they used Majel Barrett for the narration at the beginning. Unless you really need it, narration is a bit of a cop-out when a line or two of dialogue can deal with the same thing. Still that's only a niggle. Certainly watchable.
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