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The Enemy

Guest Reviews

Title : The Enemy Rating : 4
First Aired : 6 Nov 1989 Stardate : 43349.2
Director : David Carson Year : 2366
Writers : David Kemper, Michael Piller Season : 3
Rating : 4.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 4
Review : A decent episode. As often happens with good ones, we see how technology gets in the way of personal contact. While we have a developing confrontation in space, it's the 'human' stories that show up best. Picard was being rather dogmatic (for him at least) by holding position for such a long time rather than finding some way to both meet the Romulans and remain at the planet (dare I suggest separating the ship?) but eventually made his usual good decision at the right moment. There was the story of Worf, who stuck to his guns no matter what, and proved that that is not always good. Then there was Geordi and the Romulan centurion on the surface, again one with virtually no technology to hide behind, as hostility turned to co-operation in a very Trek-like manner (the antithesis of what was happening in space). The resolution worked and everything was handled very well. One oddity was Picard neither advising Starfleet of what was happening nor asking for help (we have a tactical squadron arriving in two days might have added to the growing confrontation). I also rather wish we had seen the small Romulan ship (which might have been a shuttle, but sounds more like a "Defector"-type scout). There were a few touches of irony added in the right places as well. Overall, definitely worth watching.
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