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Angel One

Guest Reviews

Title : Angel One Rating : 2
First Aired : 25 Jan 1988 Stardate : 41636.9
Director : Michael Rhodes Year : 2364
Writers : Patrick Barrey Season : 1
Rating : 1.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 1
Review : OK, not exactly brilliant. The idea of a female-dominated society goes back to the Amazons, and Gene Rodenberry wrote a very good Planet Earth episode around it. The B-story was a pathetic excuse to add forced drama, and it could have been done better. Beata might have made a decent character, but not quite. As well as being a hypocrite, she was a caricature of a woman given too much power, or just of politicians in general. That's not a criticism of Karen Montgomery, more of the writing. Ramsey and the others were far less believable, and it was far too much of a co-incidence that he married a 'Mistress' as well. Again, this could have been handled far better. Riker made a reasonable plea at the end, I suppose. It was watchable, but barely, being badly written. Also, was this the first 47?
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 1
Review : "I know! Let's do a story about a world dominated by women. Nobody's ever done that a hundred times before!" "Well, the rest of season one is basically crap, so what the hell. What do we call the planet? Narendra? Incaladine? Proteus Ultima?" "No, no, no, it's run by women you nerd. Let's call it Angel One!"
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