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Guest Reviews

Title : Affliction Rating : 2
First Aired : 18 Feb 2005 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Michael Grossman Year : 2154
Writers : Mike Sussman Season : 4
Rating : 3.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 3
Review : Enterprise takes on the Klingon Forehead Problem. While Mark Sussman and Manny Coto may be audacious, trying to take on every inconsistency ever generated in couple of dozen episodes is a bit much. We'll have to see how it turns out, but it could be interesting. Columbia *finally* gets going as well (the bridge lights were a bit silly). Onwards to Challenger and Discovery! We're seeing a lot of changes in various characters this series, Hoshi's attempt to put unarmed combat training into use for instance, perhaps Reed's disloyalty as well. I don't like Reedy much, but one thing he always has been is loyal, although he did try to redeem himself at the end. With regards to the story, plenty of action and a good continuation of current themes with the Augment arc. The acting was OK, and pacing worked fairly well. I also note a virtual recreation of the TOS 'over the top from astern' shot as the Enterprise looked at the wreckage. So, how did this reinvented Enterprise episode do? Overall, as a Star Trek episode, it did fairly well, although perhaps it seems to clash a bit too much with the rest of Enterprise (partly by being better) but I'll forgive it. Was it a good idea? We'll see. Finally, I believe they're on course for the Human speed record (once again!!!).
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