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Federation constitution Diplomatic grades
2161 2269 2373 Galactic

Sacrifice of Angels

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Battles :Wolf 359, The Valley of Death, The Chin'toka Invasion
Food :Hasperat SoufflĂ©
People :Damar, Gul Dukat, Elim Garak, Gowron, General Martok, Miles Edward O'Brien, Quark, Rom, Tora Ziyal
Ship classes :Dominion Battlecruiser, Galor Class, Yeager Class
Ship names :Galaxy Class :
USS Magellan, NCC 71867 USS Trinculo
Miranda Refit :
USS Sitak, NCC 31860 USS Majestic
Nebula Class :
NCC 70352 USS Leeds
Species :Bajorans, Cardassians, Prophets
Stations :Deep Space 9
Timeline :2374
Weapons :Mines

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