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service history
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Star Trek : The Next Generation Technical Manual


Battles :A Flagship Battle
Sci-tech :Antimatter generator, Bussard Collectors, Cargo transporter, Dilithium Crystals, Eugene's limit, Holodecks and Suites, Impulse Engines, Inertial Dampening Field, Isolinear, Magnetic Constrictors, Matter / Antimatter Pods, Padds, Plasma Injectors, Power Transfer Conduits, Reactant Injectors, Reaction Chamber, Replicators, Shields, Structural Integrety Field, TNG Scale, Tractor Beams, Transporters, Transwarp, Tricorders, Warp Coils
Ship classes :Ambassador Class, Cheyenne Class, Galaxy Class, Galaxy Yacht, Intrepid Class, Luna Class, Niagara Class, Type 6 Shuttle, Type 7 Shuttle, Type 8 Shuttle, Type 15 Shuttle
Ship names :Constitution Class :
NCC 1717 USS Yorktown
Renaissance Class :
USS Hokkaido
Stations :Jupiter Station, Subspace Relay
Weapons :Phasers, Photon Torpedoes, Type One, Type Ten, Type Two

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