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What's new - Jun 2005


30 Jun 2005

Thanks to Mitchell Gavrielides for a nit in the Voyager episode guides, Lee Peltz and Joe Fuerte for identifying nits with the internals pictures, Nick Ashman and Harrie for typos on the weapons pages, asdf fdsa for a typo on the Phoenix page, James Harrigan for pointing out that I had Sisko as a Captain not a Commander on the Odyssey battle page, and Łukasz Korzeń for poitning out a date nit.

28 Jun 2005

Quick search
As you may have noticed we have removed the quick search from the main page. Instead it now appears in the top left corner of the screen. This allows you to start a search no matter what page you're looking at. Simply enter the text and press return and the results will display in the usual way. You can still use the search button as before.

If you cannot see it try reloading the site, it's probably a cache problem. Please let us know if you have problems with the new arrangement, it's been tested on Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox on the Mac and Internet Explorer and Mozilla on Windows so it should be ok.

The FAQ is now searchable.

27 Jun 2005

Statistics again
As you can see, DITL has officially broke the 3 million visitors mark!

Although what we do here is done largely for our own pleasure, we do like the idea that we're providing entertainment for others. We hope you keep on coming back and like what you find here; here's to 4 million, which should happen sometime around the end of 2006!

26 Jun 2005

The statistics pages have been reworked; some obsolete text has been trimmed and the format of the tables modified. We've also reset our stats for things such as operating system, browser and window size so we can get an idea of the current users needs as opposed to those who used the site years ago.
All Good Things was your all time favourite TNG episode. This week the last of this series - we ask what's your favourite TOS episode?
We've started going through Voyager and adding some of the smaller characters, plus characters who only get mentioned or listed on a display but not seen. About 40 have gone on today.
We've expanded the sorting facility on lists so that you can now sort into ascending or descending order. A small red arrow has been added to show which one the list is sorted by and in which order.
We have dramatically improved the speed with which the chooser page loads; it is anything up to 100 times faster than before. You should also notice improvements in the search facility and episode guides.
Caption Competition
Congratulation to Stevo, who won last week's competition. This week it's a shot from DS9's "A Man Alone".

19 Jun 2005

So, "Sacrifice of Angels" is your favourite DS9 episode in a contest that was much closer than most so far. This week, TNG's turn...
The Internals page of the Styling section has had another 70 images added to it. We now have extensive coverage of the TOS Constitution class, and many images of some of the more minor one-off alien ships we've seen.
Caption contest
Congratulations to Mikey for winning last week's competition. This week's TNG picture is from "Hide and Q".

18 Jun 2005

A page has gone up for the phase weapons used on Enterprise. It covers both pistols and cannon.

12 Jun 2005

Well, bit of a surprise to me, but "Endgame" is your favourite Voyager episode. This week, DS9's turn...
New changes

Well, our promised new feature is up. What we've done is basically an expansion of the "Bridges" pages in the styling section. The new section is called "Internals". Instead of just focusing on Bridges, it covers the following areas

  • Accommodation
  • Bridges
  • Brigs/Security
  • Cargo
  • Corridors
  • Crawlways
  • Engineering
  • Hanger
  • Medical
  • Meeting/Conference
  • Transporters
  • Recreation
  • Miscellaneous

We have a selector similar to the one used for the minor personnel and species; you can choose any combination of ship classes and internal areas, so for example you can select "Intrepid class", click Display and see images of all the internal areas of the Intrepid class that we have to offer. Or you can choose just "cargo bays" and view all the cargo bays from all the different ships. Or any combination - medical facilities and transporter rooms from the Defiant and Galaxy classes, say.
As you select different options on the selector page, the number of images that will be returned is displayed in the header. This mechanism has also been implimented for the Additional species and Additional personnel selectors. The output for these selections have been split into pages of 10 images or less, as have the Ships Images and Additional Ships pages - the latter especially was beginning to get a little out of hand with well over 150 ships on it.
The ship pages have also had an extra button put into the header, "Internals", which will display all the internal images we have for that class. This applies to both the major and minor ships.
All the images used are captioned, with the caption referenced to the episodes that the image comes from. Links to that individual image will appear on the episode guides as part of the datapoints for that episode. All images also have a descriptive title, which is included in our search feature.
Now this is a big job, and it's nowhere near a comprehensive finished product as yet - don't expect to find every part of every ship ever on display! But we are kicking off with more than 190 brand new images in this section, to add to the 50 or so bridges that we already had listed. More will be coming over the next weeks and months, so be patient if your favourite part of your favourite ship is missing. If you know of an episode where we get a particularly good look at an unusual or interesting area of a ship, feel free to let us know and we will try to include it.
Hope you enjoy the new section...

Caption Competition
Congratulations to Kulatu for winning last week's competition. I wonder how many ofour visitors will get the reference...

This week we have an intriguing TOS entry for your consideration. And for those who occasionally moan about it - remember people, we only say it has to be FAIRLY clean!

6 Jun 2005

Unsurprisingly, "In A Mirror, Darkly" came in as your favourite Enterprise episode, winning first and second places. This week we ask your favourite Voyager episode.
Lack of updates
You may have noticed that we haven't done very much on the site in the last week or so. Well watch this space, we've been working on a new feature for the site and should release it sometime this week, or at least by this weekend. Also, we know we've missed updating the caption comp and poll, these will be changed tonight. Appologies for the delay.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Merlin for winning last week's competition. A new picture is up, from "Babel One".

3 Jun 2005

Thanks to Łukasz Korzeń for pointing out an incorrect date on Archer's bio page.

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