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What's new - Feb 2003


16 Feb 2003

Some new species from Enterprise season 2 have gone up onto the additionalspecies lists; the Kreetassians, and a few unknowns.
Some new ships have gone onto the additional ships page; Sputnik and a coupleof Vulcan designs from Carbon Creek, a Retellian freighter and a Kriosianbattleship from Precious Cargo, and a Takrit military ship from The Catwalk.
Series Guides
A nice big update today - no less than a dozen new Enterprise reviews goup today. Some of them are slightly less than complete - I'm missing quitea few quotes, so if you have any nominations please let me know.
A typo on the replicator page has been fixed thanks to an anonymous reader.
At the suggestion of Cador Davis, I have updated Janeway's page to reflecther promotion.

Chris Mortimore points out a whole slew of errors which have been fixed inthe personnel section : I have fixed some dates on Troi's page which wereout of order, changed a misnamed quadrant on Odo's page, fixed a typo on Janeway'spage, removed a sentance fragment from Chakotay's page, fixed a typo on Torres'spage, fixed some dates on Kim's page, a typo on Seven's page, a typo on theEMH page, a date on Kahless's page, and a mistyped sentance on Soong's page.

Some new images from the TNG DVD set. Most notably, a couple of new and verymuch improved images have gone up on the Type 6 shuttle page and a new onehas been added to the Borg transwarp ship page.
Some re-working to the phaser article; some new discussion has been added,covering topics such as phaser overloads, off-axis beams and wide angle beams,firing at warp, etc. The whole thing has also been re-structured into a moreclear arrangement.

9 Feb 2003

Drew, John Taylor and Thomas Hawkins all point out that I got theDelta and Gamma quadrants mixed up in the Ennis/Nol-Ennis war on the new warlists. I'm always doing that... Steve points out that I had wrongly attributeda quote in the "Sacrifice of Angels" episode guide to Ezri ratherthan Jadzia. Many people have written pointing out that the episodes One andHope and Fear had the same plot summary, so this is fixed. An incorrect dateon Geordi's personnel picture page is now fixed thanks to Alex Miles, and atypo on Picard's personnel page is fixed thanks to Adam Broughton. Adam alsopoints out a correction to the "Code of Honor" episode - I had claimedthat the transporter could have neutralised any dangerous object, but he notesthat the Ligonians used their own transporter so this was not an option. Finally,I was a year off in my date for the Botany Bay launch on the Wrath of Khan battlepage, as pointed out by Adam Brearley.

3 Feb 2003

A new list, of all the wars we have heard mentioned. There are morethan you might think...

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