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What's new - Sep 2001


30 Sep 2001

As you may have noticed, the old "Fiction" button on the bottom is now gone. In its place is the new "Recreation" button. My old bit of fanfic is still there - I've considered taking it down a few times, but still get feedback from readers from time to time so it's still there. But in addition, I have added a set of Star Trek Quiz's. They are grouped by topic; each time you go to a secttion you get a randomly generated set of twenty questions on that topic, so you will never get the exact same quiz twice. The "all" section generates a mix of questions from every topic. The "general" section is the easiest - the specialists topics are not for the faint hearted!
The November issue of SFX magazine has a rather complimentary review of the site on page 112.
A new article concerning torpedo yields goes up today. Some of this talks about the DS9 episode "The Die is Cast", and as such overlaps and updates part of the old 'power' section. That part has now been deleted - the power section was written at a time when I mistakenly thought than stuff like tech manuals was canon, and as such is rather out of date. Other articles may supercede other parts of the power section in future.

23 Sep 2001

Four more stations today - the Drydock and the Epsilon IX communications station from TMP, Earth Station McKinley from TNG's "Family", and the Midas array from Voyager's "Pathfinder".
A full entry has gone up on the cetacean probe seen in ST IV. Though it's technically a probe, it's on the "other ships" list.
Episode Guide
A few updates to season six of TNG.

12 Sep 2001

A Sad Timeā€¦
Yesterday was one of the saddest days in my memory; I sat and watched in horror as the one of the great tragedies of modern times unfolded on my TV screen. The death toll is still unknown, but numbers of over ten thousand are being thrown around. I'm still struggling to believe that it really happened.

We British have long experience at the hands of terrorism, and although the trials of a time like this can seem too much to bear, have heart : a people as strong and determined as Americans will emerge from this disaster unbowed.

To the people of the United States of America, to those families who were directly involved, to the victims both dead and injured, I extend my most heartfelt sorrow and sympathy. Rest assured that we in Britain stand alongside you in your hour of need.

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