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What's new - Nov 2000


27 Nov 2000

Okay, so this is how I make a new page. First, I create the graphics for the title and menu button. Then I open an existing header page, change the graphic and links and save it under the new name. Then I open a main body page, delete the stuff there, write some place-holder sentance and save it under the new name so I can check that all the links work. Then I fix up the images page. Finally, I write the actual entry, do a "What's New", and send them all up.

Only in the case of the Edo, I completely forgot to write the actual entry! As a result, it went up yesterday with "Planet of the bimbo people!" as the only text. This was not a joke (although it is a rather good summary of the place, IMHO), but an honest mistake. Well, you try doing the above five hundred times over and see how many mistakes you make! Thanks to Duane Oldsen for pointing this one out to me...

26 Nov 2000

A new twist on the species pages goes up today. There are many species which I've held off doing in the past because we didn't know enough about them to justify a full entry. So today four "Other Species" pages go up, one for each quadrant. Each goes to a page that has a set of images - smaller than my normal images but bigger than a thumbnail - and a name and/or brief description. There are many which have no name, or no description, or even both. In addition, I've in many cases had to speculate on the quadrant the species came from. I've tried to put as many species in the Beta quadrant as I could, to pad it out a little. If anybody knows anything solid about these aliens, PLEASE email me and tell me as much as you can about them together with the source of the info.

Also, a full page entry has gone up for the Edo from TNG's "Justice".

The addition of these pages has added an amazing fifty seven species to the site in one go!

The Exocomps from TNG's "Quality of Life" and the Orbital Tether from Voyager's "Rise" have gone up today.

20 Nov 2000

As promised, a couple of images go up for the Borg tactical cube today. Additionally, a couple of snaps of the death of the Delta Flyer have gone up on its page.

19 Nov 2000

Entries for TNG's Benzites, J'Naii, Kataanians, Kriosians, Pakled and Risans go up today, together with TOS's Scalosians, and Tholians.
A new entry for the Borg tactical cube and the Queen's yacht. Unfortunately both are without pictures as yet, but this should be fixed in a week or two. I've also updated the Delta Flyer entry to record the ships loss in "Unimatrix Zero, Part I".
All the lists have now been colourized in line with the colour key which is use on the rest of the site. Since the lists are almost entirely canon they are all in yellow, with the exception of the names of some of the holoprograms. In future, we may add some of the more speculative planets inferred from species names.

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