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What's new - Feb 2000


26 Feb 2000

Episode Guide
A new addition to the episode guides today. A page has been added to each series listing all episodes in alphabetical order, together with the season and the year the episode is set in. This is to help you and us find the season an episode is in given it's title.

25 Feb 2000

The Excelsior class specs page has been re-coloured.

The Federation class comments page has been expanded to include some discussion of the controversy surrounding the ship.

The Galaxy class specs page has been re-coloured. The comments page has been rewritten, but still doesn't say much!

In line with the more accurate idea of canon, the forcefield, tractor beam, impulse drive, transporter, navigational deflector, replicator, warp drive and holodeck pages have been recoloured. In addition various minor spelling mistakes have been fixed, and the impulse drive page has been slightly reworded to avoid a problem James Fox told me about a long, long time ago. The stuff about laser invulnerability on the navigational deflector page has also been expanded a little, although the technobabble - created by Phil Farrands random technobabble generator - remains the same.

The transwarp page has also been somewhat rewritten. Firstly, I've altered the progression of speeds from one transwarp domain to the next - previously the speeds were getting a bit out of hand high up, so I've made them a bit more reasonable. Secondly, several people have asked for a table of speeds and distances similar to the one on the warp scales page so I've added both a graph and a table. The lines on the graph are a bit jagged, but you can blame Excel for that.

7 Feb 2000

Size Comparison
A new CGI scan of the Prometheus goes up today.
A new table of TNG warp speeds is going up. This is based on a better formula developed by Henning Rogge. The table also reflects the more up to date version of canon which is slowly wending its way through the site.

6 Feb 2000

Today marks the beginning of what I hope will turn into a major overhaul of ALL the ship entries over the next week or so. Primarily, the colouring is being re-worked in line with the "nothing is canon except aired material" philosophy I've been using lately. Detail changes for each ship are listed below :

The Ambassador entry has been largely re-written. The specs and comments page now has discussion of the changes between the Enterprise-C and Yamaguchi models, largely based on the excellent Ex Astris Scientia article.

The Centaur class sizes have gone from yellow to white

The Defiant comments page now includes some discussion of the size problem this class is famous for.

As promised, a couple of pictures for the Nova class go up today. So do a couple for the Peregrine page, and two for the Klingon strategic defence stations.
An entry goes up fo the final battle of the Dominion war today. Usual blurb and images.

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