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What's new - Sep 1999


29 Sep 1999

I am now fully back on line and ready to go. Due to the chaos of the last few months I have probably missed replying to a whole host of e-mailed suggestions, comments, etc. If you haven't had a reply, please don't take it as rudeness or arrogance on my part - I do try to respond to everybody, but it just hasn't been possible lately. If your message was important, send it in again and I'll try to get back to you soon.

While we're on the subject of e-mails, about half the mails I get are on the lines of "do you have information about...". I usually have to say a regretful no to these kinds of enquiries. Please remember that this site is not an officially sanctioned one and has no links to Paramount whatsoever. My only access to backstage information is via the same public sources that everybody else can use, so please bear this in mind when asking questions.

Once again, thanks for your patience during this last few weeks.

27 Sep 1999

Size Comparison
Three more ships go onto this today. The Eymorg ship from TOS, 'Spocks Brain', the Promellian battlecruiser from TNG 'The Booby Trap' and the Jovis from TNG 'The Most Toys'. Alas, all the sizes for these ships are speculative, based only on how they looked on screen, so take em or leave em. Ongoing thanks to Ex Astris Scientia for letting me use their images.
The Varro multi-generation ship from Voyagers 'The Disease' goes up today.
And Finally…
If all goes well, I'll finally get a phone line in on Tuesday so more or less normal service will be resumed after then.

20 Sep 1999

Warp Scales
Another example of an "odd" warp speed has been added to the comments section of the warp highways idea. In addition, a brief note mentioning the "Subspace Sandbar" which featured in the Voyager episode "Bride of Chaotica" has been added.
Lack Of Updates
Several have written to ask why there have been so few updates lately. Well, this summer has seen a catalogue of disaster for my computer. Holidays and lost leads are but the smallest part of my woes - Windows has gone totally belly-up at least three times and I've moved house and ended up in a place with no useable phone line and no easy way to get one. Right now my internet access relies on my sending floppies to others so that they can send e-mail replies and updates off for me. All this, plus I have now started back at work after the summer holidays so I'm pretty busy on that front.

I wish I could say that this would all soon be fixed, but right now I just haven't a clue how long it will be before I can get sorted out. Your patience during this period is appreciated.

Episode Guide
These have now been brought up to date with the UK video releases with the addition of DS9 season 7 and Voyager season 5, episodes 17 and 18. Steer clear of these reviews if you wish to avoid spoilers - they aren't anything like as detailed as some out there, but they do reveal significant plot developments.

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