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Xindi Weapon

Universe Name : Prime Timeline
Weapon Name : Xindi Weapon

In 2152 Earth suffered one of the most devastating attacks in its history - over seven million people were killed when an alien weapon launched an attack from orbit. Earth had been at peace for generations, and the sudden slaughter was all the more shocking for that fact. [1]

The NX class Enterprise was recalled from it's exploration mission to bolster Earth's defences. On the way home Captain Archer encountered the Suliban, who took him to meet their contact from the future. The mysterious figure informed Archer that the attack had been launched by an alien species called the Xindi. The Xindi had been told that Humanity would destroy their race some four hundred years in the future, and had apparently decided to destroy Humanity in order to prevent this. Archer was given proof that the Xindi had equipment which originated in the future and told that they lived in ""The Expanse"", a large area of space filled with dangerous anomalies. [1]

The Vulcans regarded the Expanse as so dangerous that no vessel would willingly enter. Nevertheless, with proof of Archer's information Starfleet felt it had no choice but to send a mission to the Expanse to track down the Xindi and put a stop to the attacks one way or another. [1]



Universe Name : Prime Timeline
Weapon Name : Probe

The initial version of the Xindi weapon was a probe manned by a single Reptilian pilot. It blasted a swath of destruction through Florida and beyond in a matter of seconds, resulting in seven million deaths. Ominously, the Suliban informed Archer that the device was merely a test platform for a much larger, more powerful weapon which would be capable of destroying the entire Earth. The mission was apparently a suicide run, with no provision to recover the pilot after the probe self-destructed. [1] Quantum dating of the remnants showed an age of -420, proving that at least some elements of the device originated from the future. It was this which convinced Starfleet to trust the Suliban's information and send Enterprise into the Delphic Expanse. [1]



Universe Name : Prime Timeline
Weapon Name : Prototype

After much searching, Enterprise located the system which the Xindi were using to develop their weapon system in December 2153. [2] They had already located a manufacturing facility which was producing Kemocite for the weapon and convinced the Xindi-Arboreal Gralik to sabotage one of the shipments so as to slow the development [3]; this was successful, and the test observed in December was a failure even though the yield was sufficient to devastate an entire moon. Archer attempted to steal the prototype with the help of the Andorian Shran, but under orders from home Shran betrayed Archer and attempted to keep the weapon for himself. Fortunately Archer had forseen this action and rigged the prototype to overload and self-destruct on command. Deprived of his prize Shran headed home, but in recognition of his previous debts to Archer he transmitted detailed scans taken of the Prototype to Enterprise as he departed. [2]



Universe Name : Prime Timeline
Weapon Name : Weapon

The full size weapon was finally located in the Azati system in 2154, at an underwater facility on Azati Prime. Archer piloted a mission to penetrate the security system around the weapon and destroy it; unfortunately he was captured and the weapon moved to another location. [4] Subsequently Archer concentrated on convincing the Xindi that Humanity was not in fact responsible for the destruction of their homeworld as they had been told and attempting a peaceful settlement. He succeeded in this to some extent, but the Reptilians led by Commander Dolim and the Insectoids refused to believe the evidence presented and stole the weapon. [5] Archer persued the weapon to Earth, where a party of Enterprise officers boarded and attempted to sabotage it as it approached Earth. Dolim boarded the weapon also, and fought a final battle with Archer as the weapon self-destructed around them. Dolim was killed by Archer, who subsequently escaped just as the weapon exploded. [6]

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