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War List

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Name Description Episode
Krios-Valt war1 A centuries long conflict which began when two brothers fell out over a woman. The war ended in 2368.1 The Perfect Mate
Xindi civil war2 A conflict fought between the various Xindi races. The lasted for almost a century, with various alliances being formed and broken over its course - by the end of the war few of the participants even remembered what had caused it.3 It was ended in 20334 when the Reptilians and Insectoids detonated explosions beneath the eight largest seismic fissures on the Xindi homeworld of Xindus, destroying it completely and rendering the Avian race extinct.3 The Shipment
Koinonian wars5 Ancient wars fought on a planet which housed both corporeal and non-corporeal life forms. The wars rendered the corporeal Koinonians extinct, and left a number of booby traps behind.5 The Bonding
Cardassian-Federation war6 Began when the Cardassians massacred the population of the Setlik III outpost. Cost some millions of lives. There are indications that the war was very long, or was a series of intermittent conflicts.6 The Wounded
Planet X-Photonic dimension war7 Bizzare conflict fought between the photonic residents of a parallel dimension and the forces of a character from one of Voyager's holodeck programs. The war was eventually ended by Janeway.7 Bride of Chaotica!
The Short war8 Brief conflict fought between two nations on the accelerated planet discovered by Voyager. The war lasted a few weeks. We know nothing about which nations were involved, nor even the name of the planet.8 Blink of an Eye
Federation-Husnok war9 Brief conflict in which a Husnock vessel attacked the Federation colony world of Rana IV. A Douwd who lived on Rana destroyed the entire Husnock species in retaliation when they killed his wife.9 The Survivors
Federation-Tholian conflict10 Conflict apparently fought between the Federation and Tholians in 2353 - the Tholians attacked a Federation starbase in this year, badly injuring Kyle Riker. It is not known if this was a full blown war. 10 The Icarus Factor
Palamarian civil war11 Conflict being fought on Palamar in 2373. The Regent planned to use a mutagenic retrovirus to cause millions of casualties.11 Business as Usual
Federation-Tzenkethi war12 Conflict between the Federation and Tzenkethi. Sisko's refers to "the LAST Federation-Tzenkethi war" implies that there have been at least two if not more such conflicts.12 Details are few, but since Sisko fought in the war whilst a first officer on the USS Okinawa, the last war would probably have taken place around 2365-69.13 The Adversary
Vaadwaur war14 Conflict fought around 1375 by a coalition of various races against the Vaadwaur. The Vaadwaur were largely destroyed at the end of the conflict, leaving only a handful in suspended animation.14 Dragon's Teeth
Memorial war15 Conflict fought at least several hundred years ago in the Delta Quadrant. At least one massacre of civilians occurred, but beyond that few details are known. After the war some of those involved created a memorial which broadcast images of the massacre into the mind of nay who came near it.15 Memorial
American War of Independance16 Conflict fought between inhabitants of the British colonies in North America and Britain. The British were defeated, leading to the establishment of the United States of America.16 The High Ground
Q civil war17 Conflict fought between members of the Q continuum in 2373. The war ended when members of Voyager's crew, armed with Q weaponry, captured the leadership of one side.17 The Q and the Grey
Interdimensional war18 Conflict fought between the Federation and a species from another dimension. The war culminated in 2554 with the Battle of Procyon Five, in which the Federation defeated the invaders.18 Azati Prime
Neural civil war19 Conflict fought between the hill people and the villagers of the planet Neural circa 2267. The Klingons were supplying the villagers with flintlock rifles; Captain Kirk did the same for the hill people. The name of the planet is not in the episode, but is from the script.19 A Private Little War
Daled civil war20 Conflict fought between the inhabitants of Daled IV. The planet rotated once per year, putting one half of it in permanent daylight and one half in permanent night. The two sides warred against one another for centuries.20 The Dauphin
Druoda-Salinian war21 Conflict fought between the inhabitants of Salinia Prime and the Druoda. The Druoda used highly advanced sentient missiles. The war ended in 2372/3.21 Warhead
Kyrian-Vaskan war22 Conflict fought between the Kyrians and Vaskans in 2374. Voyager was somewhat involved in the conflict, and many came to blame the Federation ship for the war in later centuries.22 Living Witness
Pagh Wraith-Prophet war23 Conflict fought between the Pagh Wraiths and the Prophets. The war ended when Sisko sealed the wraiths into the Fire Caves of Bajor forever in 2375.23 The Assignment
Lysian-Satarran war24 Conflict fought between the Satarrans and Lysians until at least 2368. The Satarrans attempted to end the war by tricking the Enterprise-D into attacking the Lysian central command complex, but this plan failed.24 Conundrum
Tarsian war25 Conflict fought by the people of Angosia III. The Angosians modified their soldiers to give them near superhuman fighting abilities.25 The Hunted
Klingon civil war26 Conflict fought in 2367/8 which came about when the Duras family challenged Gowron's appointment as chancellor. The Romulans provided covert help to the Duras forces; when this assistance was cut off, Gowron rapidly claimed victory.26 Redemption, Part 1
Annari-Kraylor war27 Conflict fought in the Delta Quadrant in 2377. Ensign Kim commanded a Kraylor vessel for a short time.27 Nightingale
Ennis-Nol'Ennis war28 Conflict fought in the Gamma Quadrant. The dates are uncertain. Some of the combatants on both sides were imprisoned on a moon with nanonic technology to keep them alive forever in a permanent state of war, as a warning to others.28 Battle Lines
World War I29 Conflict fought on Terra between 1914 and 1918. The war was one of the first to use explosives on a large scale, and consequently the bloodiest ever fought to that date.29 Flashback
Erselrope wars30 Conflict fought prior to 2364. The combatants are unknown, but the planet Minos supplied both sides with weapons in the conflict.30 The Arsenal of Freedom
Cheronian civil war31 Conflict fought some time around 50,000 years ago between those Cheronians who were white on the right side and those who were white on the left side. The wars ultimately destroyed all but two of the Cheronian species.31 Let that be Your Last Battlefield
Haakonian-Talaxian war32 Conflict fought sometime within the last few decades between the Talaxians and the Haakonian. The war ended in defeat for the Talaxians when the Metreon Cascade was used to destroy the Rhinax colony.32 Jetrel
Proxcinian war11 Conflict involving the Proxcinians in 2373. The enemy is unknown.11 Business as Usual
Cardassian-Bajoran war33 Conflict which began in 2328 when the Carassian Union invaded and occupied the planet Bajor. The Bajorans carried out a sporadic terrorist campaign until the Cardassians left in 2369.33 Ensign Ro
Kellerun-T'Lani war34 Conflict which ended sometime before mid-2370. The war involved the use of deadly nanobiogenic weapons called Harvesters. The Federation assisted them in destroying these after the war.34 Armageddon Game
Mordanian civil war35 Conflict which started when one side captured some Federation personnel and demanded weapons for their release in 2319. Admiral Jameson handed over the weapons but secretly armed the opposing side equally, leading to forty years of bloody civil war.35 Too Short a Season
Banean-Numiri war36 Conflict which was being fought in the Delta Quadrant when Voyager passed through. Numiri operatives attempted to frame Tom Paris for murder.36 Ex Post Facto
Space Station Salem One37 Described by Picard as a "bloody preamble to war". It's not clear who the war involved, and it could represent the opening battle of almost any of these wars or of some other conflict.37 The Enemy
Eugenics Wars38 Fought on Earth in the 1990s when genetically engineered superhumans seized power across a large portion of the world. Whole populations were bombed out of existence in the war.38 Space Seed
Federation-Talarian war39 Fought prior to TNG. The Talarians were apparently heavily outclassed by the Federation, but did win at least some ground actions.39 Suddenly Human
Earth-Romulan war40 Fought with primitive atomic weapons and without any visual communication between the two sides. The war was fought sometime in the 2150s or 2160s and was one of the factors which led to the founding of the Federation.40 Balance of Terror
Eminiar-Vendikar war41 Interplanetary conflict which lasted for some five hundred years. The two sides resorted to fighting the war entirely via computer in order to prevent the destructive physical effects of real battles; casualties would voluntarily report to disintergration chambers.41 A Taste of Armageddon
Norkan Campaign42 Known as the Norkan Massacre by the Federation, this conflict was fought by the Romulans under the leadership of Admiral Jarok. The timeline is unknown, but probably within a few decades before 2366. The opponents are also unknown, but may have been the Federation itself.42 The Defector
8472-Borg war43 Large but brief conflict between the Borg and a highly advanced species from another universe called "fluidic space". The Borg were badly outnumbered and outclassed by 8472, but were able to force them to retreat with Janeway's assistance.43 Scorpion, Part 1
Dominion war44 Major conflict between the Cardassians and Dominion and the Federation, Klingons and Romulans. The war lasted from the end of 2373 through to the end of 2375.44 Call to Arms
Temporal Cold War45 Mysterious conflict which involved the NX-01 Enterprise from time to time. Two factions included Daniels's group from the 31st century and at least one individual from the 28th century who controls the Suliban.45 Broken Bow
Solari wars46 Planetary conflict fought on Solaris V for some fifteen centuries. Both sides sued for peace in 2365, asking Federation negotiator Riva to negotiate the settlement.46 Loud as a Whisper
Ilari civil war47 Planetary conflict which Voyager accidentally became involved in when the leader of one side gained posession of Kes's body.47 Warlord
World War III48 Planetary war fought around 2053. The war killed 37 million people according to Spock, but 600 million people according to Riker. It's vaguely possible that there were two different World War IIIs, though it's hard to see how that could be. 48 Bread and Circuses
World War II38 Planetary war fought between various Earth nations.38 Space Seed
Triannon civil war49 Religious conflict fought by the inhabitants of the planet Triannon. The two factions disputed the amount of time it took their gods to construct the spheres found in the Delphic Expanse - one claimed it was nine days, the other said ten. The war culminated with the virtual annhilation of the civilisation around April 2153.49 Chosen Realm
Napoleonic wars50 Series of historical Earth conflicts between France and other nations. Both Trelane and Q had an interest in the Napoleonic wars.50 The Squire of Gothos
Acamarian clan wars51 Series of wars fought between various clans of the Acamarian species. The wars finally ended around 2296.51 The Vengeance Factor
Iconian wars52 Series of wars involving the Iconians, fought some 200,000 years ago. Many believe that the iconians initiated most of these wars, but Picard tended to disagree. The Iconians were eventually defeated.52 Contagion
Federation-Klingon war53 Short conflict fought between the Federation and Klingons in 2372/3 when the former intervened in the klingon invasion of Cardassia.53 The Way of the Warrior
Borg-Federation war54 Somewhat undefined conflict. It could be said to have began in 2364 with the Borg's assimilation of Federation outposts near the Romulan Neutral Zone, and might be considered to have finished in 2377 with Voyager's return to Earth after destroying a large chunk of the Borg. Despite repeated battles, however, there was apparently no formal declaration of war by either side.54 The Neutral Zone
Romulan-Klingon war55 Somewhat undefined conflict. We know that the Romulans attacked the Klingon Khittomer outpost in 2346. We don't know if this led to a declared war, but the Romulan captain in "Face of the Enemy" described another battle, indicating that open hostilities seem to have existed for at least a while.55 Sins of the Father
Federation-Klingon war56 The first war fought between these two powers, Picard said that a disasterous first contact led to "decades of conflict". Precise details are unclear; there could have been at least one other war prior to TOS. Or no proper war at all - it is not known to what extent a "conflict" is a "war" in Picard's mind.56 First Contact
Hur'q-Klingon war57 The Hur'q invaded the klingon home world some one thousand years ago.57 The Sword of Kahless
Kazon-Trabe war58 The Kazon had been subjects of the Trabe, but liberated themselves in this conflict. The trabe were reduced to wandering nomads by the war.58 Alliances
Lokirrim war59 The Lokirrim considered themselves at war with holographic "insurgents".59 Body and Soul
Talosian wars60 The Talosians told Pike that they had once engaged in wars whilst he was a captive.60 The Cage
Vulcan civil wars61 The Vulcans fought various wars prior to their abandonment of emotions in favour of logic. At least one telepathic resonator was used in the wars. The timeline is uncertain.61 Gambit, Part 1
Cardassian-Klingon war53 This conflict began when Gowron invaded Cardassia in 2372, fearing that the Dominion had infiltrated its new civilian government. The war stalled when the Federation intervened, and ended in 2373 when the Klingons re-joined the Khitomer accords.53 The Way of the Warrior
Betreka Nebula incident53 This Klingon-Cardassian conflict was called a minor incident by Garak, but it lasted for some eighteen years according to Bashir.53 The Way of the Warrior
Romulan-Vulcan war62 This one hundred year conflict was apparently fought prior to TOS after being initiated by a member of the Q continuum.62 Death Wish
Ventaxian wars63 Various conflicts fought on Ventax II about a thousand years ago. The Ventaxians believed that these and other problems were solved by their signing of a contract with the devil-figure Ardra.63 Devil's Due
Federation-Klingon war64 Very brief conflict fought between the Federations and Klingons in 2267. The conflict was aborted before any major fighting by the intervention of the Organians.64 Errand of Mercy
Promellian war65 War Conflict fought some one thousand years ago. The war led to the extinction of both sides and the utter destruction of at least one planet.65 Booby Trap
Cravic-Pralor war66 War fought between two Delta Quadrant species many years ago using robot soldiers. Both sides were destroyed when their robots turned on them.66 Prototype
Ekosian-Zeon war67 War in which the Ekosians attempted to exterminate the Zeons in 2268. The war was caused by cultural contamination introduced by Federation scientist John Gill, who patterened Ekosian society after Earth's Nazi party.67 Patterns of Force
Kradin-Vori war68 War in which the Vori used mind manipulation techniques to force aliens to fight for them.68 Nemesis
Khom-Yang war69 War on Omega IV which paralleled Earth's history in some respects.69 The Omega Glory
Altarian planetary war70 War recently brought to an end in 2267. The ending of the conflict was expected to send ripples clear to the Klingon empire.70 Amok Time
Tarellian civil war71 War which all but wiped out the Tarellian species many years ago. The war was largely fought with biological weapons.71 Haven

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

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