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Carpenter Street

Universe : Prime Timeline
Location of Event : Earth, Detroit [1]
Year : 2004 [1]
Nature of Event : Temporal Incursion [1]

The devastating attack on Earth which the Xindi launched in 2153 had one aspect which many found hard to believe - it was launched in large part as the result of the Temporal Cold War which had raged across the centuries. The Suliban Silik informed Captain Archer that the Xindi were acting on instructions from one of the factions in the war; although both Archer and his superiors were dubious, quantum dating of the debris from the Probe weapon proved that elements of it had indeed originated in the future. [2]

During the NX-01's mission into the Delphic Expanse Archer was several times contacted by Daniels, a mysterious time traveller who represented one of the factions in the war. On one of these visits Daniels informed Archer that several Xindi-Reptilians had travelled back in time approximately 150 years to Earth - specifically to the city of Detroit, Michigan. Fearing that the Reptilians may be doing something to threaten Earth Daniels asked Archer to intervene; he offered to return him to the same time and place, giving him temporal tags which would allow him to return to the NX-01 any item which did not belong in the 21st century. [1]

Archer agreed to the mission, and he and T'Pol were duly transported to the year 2004. Using their advanced technology to obtain money and transportation and to locate Xindi life signs, they tracked the aliens to an abandoned factory on Carpenter Street. The scanner revealed the presence of a neutronic power source and several Humans in the building. Observing the factory they saw a Human arriving and then leaving later on. Archer and T'Pol followed the man to his dwelling and captured him, playing along with his assumption that they were police officers. [1]

The man, Loomis, proved to be a worker at a blood bank, a facility which took blood from volunteers and stored it for transfusion into those who had lost blood in accidents - necessary before blood could be produced synthetically. Loomis confessed to procuring Several Human subjects for his employers, one for each major blood group present in Humans. He was unaware of the alien nature of his employers, whom he considered them to be terrestrial terrorists. Loomis had already delivered six of the eight blood types to the Xindi, leaving only AB-positive and B-negative. [1]

Archer decided to infiltrate the Xindi facility by posing as the next victim. Loomis agreed, hoping that co-operating with the police would reduce any punishment he may receive for assisting terrorists. Since Loomis' normal method of operation was to deliver his subjects in an unconscious state, Archer simply feigned unconsciousness to gain access. His blood was taken and he was left in a room with the other subjects whilst T'Pol waited outside with Loomis. Archer explored the factory, confirming Daniels' information - the Xindi were using the research to create a bio-weapon which would virtually annihilate the Human population. It was apparently their hope that Humanity would either be rendered extinct or would be so decimated that they would not be capable of posing a threat to the Xindi in the future. [1]

Archer was unwilling to destroy the Xindi bio-reactor for fear of releasing the weapon into the atmosphere. T'Pol suggested destroying the Xindi temporal beacon as this would prevent them from returning to the future with their work. He succeeded in doing this, shooting three of the Xindi in the process. Unfortunately the other two escaped with a supply of the virus. [1]

As the Xindi escaped from the factory Loomis saw them and became agitated. T'Pol subdued him and joined Archer in his pursuit. Archer and T'Pol were able to kill the remaining Xindi without allowing them to release the bio-weapon. They then used the temporal tags to send the Xindi bodies and equipment back to the NX-01. [1]

The following morning Loomis awoke to find the police arriving, and was arrested on six charges of kidnapping. As might be expected his claims of lizard people using ray-guns drew little sympathy from the arresting officers. [1]

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 ENT 3 Carpenter Street
2 ENT 2 The Expanse
Series : ENT Season 3 (Disc 3)
Episode : Carpenter Street
Series : ENT Season 2 (Disc 6)
Episode : The Expanse

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