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Universe : Prime Timeline
Species Name : El-Aurians [1]
Quadrant : Beta

The El Aurians are a widely travelled people who have spread themselves across many parts of the galaxy. [2] It is known that at least one El Aurian visited Earth in 1893, before Humanity had any official knowledge of alien species. [3] In 2265 the Borg launched a major attack against the species, assimilating all but a handful. The survivors scattered throughout the galaxy, finding homes amongst many races. [2]

Starfleet's first official contact with the species came in 2293, when a group of El Aurian refugees passed through Federation space. The transport ships were caught up in and destroyed by the Nexus, which was also in Federation space at the time. The Enterprise-B was able to save some of the refugees, including Guinan and Dr. Tolian Soran. [1] Those who had entered the Nexus apparently developed a heightened sense of time and space as a result, although details of this ability are not clear. [4]

El Aurians pride themselves on being a race of listeners, [1] and appear to have a form of limited empathic ability. Some have used this to help others, acting as advisors or confidants. [5] A few have turned their talent to more dubious pursuits, becoming con men and tricksters, [6] while Dr. Soran used his abilities to help bring his genocidal plan to re-enter the Nexus to fruition. [1]

Physically, the El Aurians are almost identical to Humans - even down to the gender and ethnic groupings. [7] They have a far longer life span than Humans, but just how long they live is unclear. [5]

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