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Large Quiz - Episodes

1. In which episode does Sisko discover the Orb of the Prophets?

2. In which episode does Kira help Dukat to capture a Klingon Bird of Prey?

3. Which episode sees the death of Admiral Jameson?

4. In which Voyager episode do we meet B'Elanna's Human and Klingon halves?

5. In which episode does Quark turn to arms dealing?

6. In which episode does the Bajoran wormhole begin opening and closing for no apparent reason?

7. Which is the first TNG episode to feature time travel?

8. Which episode of DS9 features the TR-116 rifle?

9. Which episode first features a Vulcan Mind Meld?

10. In which episode does Riker claim to serve on the Starship Lollipop?

11. In which Voyager episode does the ship receive a distress call from within a singularity?

12. Which episode was the first to feature Kirk's 'Space, the final frontier√∑' introduction?

13. Which Voyager episode featured a subspace catapult?

14. Which TOS episode was set on Argelius?

15. In which Enterprise episode do we see a Vulcan snowman?

16. In which TOS episode does water in the body begin acting like alcohol?

17. In which episode do we first see Geordi's view of the world?

18. In which episode do we meet the Aldeans?

19. In which episode do we see the Bynars?

20. In which episode of Voyager is Transwarp first mentioned?


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