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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which of these is the home of Dr. Dalen Quaice?

2. Which planet was the final destination of the spacecraft Charybdis?

3. On which planet was the Xindi weapon developed?

4. Which of these is a moon of Saturn?

5. Where was Bashir genetically enhanced as a child?

6. Which world is famed as one of the galaxies great vacation spots, and is the site of the most elaborate climate control system in the Federation?

7. Which world endured a forty year civil war after Mark Jameson delivered advanced weapons?

8. Which of these is the Delta Quadrant site of a Vidiian research base?

9. Which planet was the home of the Menk?

10. A moon was knocked out of orbit from this planet, threatening great destruction?

11. Which planet suffers large firestorms every seven years?

12. On which planet did Neela Daren buy a flexible piano?

13. Which planet was used by the Vians?

14. Which planet did James Kirk once say he visited on a peace mission?

15. Which planet is the site of an ethnically Irish colony?

16. Greek god Apollo tried to recruit Kirk as a worshipper on which planet?

17. Which of these worlds was a major arms production centre?

18. Picard won the Starfleet academy marathon where?

19. What was the proper name of the so-called 'Planet of Galactic Peace', in the Neutral Zone?

20. This planet is the one on which Tarbolde wrote 'Nightingale Woman?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,880 Last updated : 29 Jan 2022