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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which of these planets had a mineral which caused Kirk to become split into two parts when he beamed up?

2. What was the proper name of the so-called 'Planet of Galactic Peace', in the Neutral Zone?

3. Which of these was a former hiding place of the Albino?

4. Where did the USS Charleston wait to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D to pick up three previously frozen Humans?

5. Which is the home planet of the Mellitus, a being of many forms?

6. Which is the Borg designation for a planet on which a sphere once crash landed? Four of the drones survived, including Seven of Nine, and experienced individuality for a brief time?

7. Which planet entered into a bargain with the devil, Ardra?

8. Over 2000 light years from Earth; which planet is the home of a species which has almost developed warp technology?

9. Which planet managed to overcome its criminal element with help from the Vulcans?

10. Which of these worlds was a major arms production centre?

11. Where was the Enterprise going to when some of the officers were taken instead to Triskelion?

12. Which of these planets is dedicated to hedonism?

13. Which world was the home planet of a great interstellar empire, long since collapsed?

14. Where did Dr. Bashir attend a burn treatment conference?

15. Which planet suffered unexplained magma cooling around 2370?

16. On which dead planet did Dr. Korby discover sophisticated androids?

17. Which hworld is the home of the Talaxians?

18. Which is the home world of Mareel?

19. William Riker refused to allow Captain De Soto to beam down to which planet?

20. Which planet did Dr. Phlox's wife Kessil move to to be with her third husband ?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,880 Last updated : 29 Jan 2022