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Large Quiz - Planets

1. On which dead planet did Dr. Korby discover sophisticated androids?

2. On which planet was Tasha Yar murdered?

3. The Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from which world?

4. Which of these is a beautiful planet thought by some to have mystical healing powers?

5. Which of these is a Talaxian mining colony?

6. 300 000 talaxians died in the metreon cascade on which moon?

7. Zora carried out unethical experiments on which world?

8. Which of these is the home of Dr. Dalen Quaice?

9. Which of these is a Delta Quadrant planet where the EMH went on one of his first away missions? It has crystal glaciers and a magnesium vapour atmosphere?

10. Which is the home planet of the Capellan warriors?

11. Which world was described by Spock as 'essentially a great rock in space'?

12. Which of these is the site of an attack by the crystalline entity?

13. Which is the home planet of the Mellitus, a being of many forms?

14. Which planet entered into a bargain with the devil, Ardra?

15. Which planet has an entire population who are mute?

16. Which planet did Dr. Phlox's wife Kessil move to to be with her third husband ?

17. On which planet did Sarek arrange an important treaty?

18. On which world was Riker abducted by an alien child?

19. Dr. Stubbs wished he could take Deanna Troi where for champagne?

20. On which planet did Dr. Apgar work on the Krieger Wave converter?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,880 Last updated : 29 Jan 2022