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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Where did Noonien Soong marry Juliana O'Donnell?

2. Where did the Duras sisters conduct illegal mining?

3. Zora carried out unethical experiments on which world?

4. Which of these is a ringed resort planet known as an important vacation spot in the Hovarian cluster?

5. Which of these worlds is within the Tzenkethi territory?

6. Which world was poisoned By Sisko, making it uninhabitable by Humans for 50 years?

7. On which planet was the final version of the Xindi weapon built?

8. Which planet modified its citizens to become the perfect soldiers, then mistreated them afterwards?

9. Where was Bashir genetically enhanced as a child?

10. Which one of these planets was struck by Denevan neural parasites?

11. Which of these is the more popular name of Sol V?

12. Artefacts found on which planet showed the location of Iconia?

13. Which of these was a mythical planet sought by the Skreeans?

14. Harcourt Fenton Mudd originally planned to sell some women as wives on which planet?

15. Which world was the home of a primitive Proto-Vulcan culture that worshipped 'the Picard'?

16. On which planet did Riker wear a native costume made of leather?

17. What is the name of the Xindi homeworld?

18. Which of these was the Enterprise-D's destination before going on to Vandor IX?

19. On which planet did Picard covertly meet Captain Rixx in 2364?

20. Which planet is known for having multi-centric rings?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,880 Last updated : 29 Jan 2022