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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which corrupt planet was helped by the Vulcans?

2. Where did a young Picard rescue an Ambassador from?

3. Which of these is a beautiful planet thought by some to have mystical healing powers?

4. On which planet did Riker wear a native costume made of leather?

5. Where does the harmonies of the tides cause hallucinations?

6. Which planet is known for having multi-centric rings?

7. Which of these is the planet on which a conference was held concerning Coridan's entry to the Federation?

8. A moon was knocked out of orbit from this planet, threatening great destruction?

9. On which world did terrorists kidnap Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard?

10. Which of these is a ringed resort planet known as an important vacation spot in the Hovarian cluster?

11. A shipment of Tamen Sahsheer was bound for which world?

12. Which planet modified its citizens to become the perfect soldiers, then mistreated them afterwards?

13. On which world was Data built?

14. Which world became the home of the Nanites?

15. Which of these is a jungle world on the edge of Romulan space, about three hours from Deep Space Nine, site of a secret camp for 73 Klingon survivors of the Khitomer massacre?

16. Which world fought a five century long computer war with Eminiar?

17. Which is the home planet of the Mellitus, a being of many forms?

18. Which world was destroyed centuries ago by war, leaving a small number of survivors stored in spheres?

19. Which planet was created by Trelane?

20. Which of these is a moon of Saturn?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,880 Last updated : 29 Jan 2022