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Fleets Strengh Introduction

Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which planet was the destination of the Enterprise-D when it encountered a swarm of 2 dimensional creatures?

2. Which planet did the Enterprise head for after encountering the USS Bozeman?

3. Which of these is a moon of Saturn?

4. Which of these is the home of a modern version of the Roman civilization?

5. Which world was the home to Ilon Tandro?

6. Which planet was at war with Krios?

7. Where did Admiral Mark Jameson obtain a de-aging drug?

8. Which of these is a fog-bound world on the edge of the Badlands?

9. Which world was infested by the Denevan neural parasites in 2267?

10. On which planet did Neela Daren buy a flexible piano?

11. Worf attended a Bat'Leth competition at which world in 2370?

12. On which planet did Sarek arrange an important treaty?

13. Which of these worlds is the Demilitarised Zone? It has at least four moons and was attacked by biogenic weapon?

14. On which of these planets would you find Cogenitors?

15. Which of these was a former hiding place of the Albino?

16. Which world is the Gamma Quadrant home of Rurigan?

17. Which is the Class M Planet where Spock's brain was taken?

18. What world is approximately 40 000 light years from Sikarus, and is famed for the erosine winds?

19. Which planet suffers large firestorms every seven years?

20. Where is the Darwin Genetic Research station?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 29,030 Last updated : 17 May 2022